SOTD: Defeated – Kritsy Lee

KristySong: Defeated
Artist: Kristy Lee
Album: Lifescapes
Genre: Acoustic
In short: Consider yourself lucky if you ever get your hands on Kritsty Lee’s music. Her voice is magnificent and her unique rhythms are absolutely nourishing.

Defeated – Kristy Lee [Download]


SOTD: The Way It Is – Nicole Atkins

: The Way It Is
Artist: Nicole Atkins
Album: Neptune City
In short: You may have never heard of Nicole Atkinn, but her music is so charming and “authentic”, this song, the first single “The Way It Is” is the only reason anyone would need to convince anyone to love her, it’s just.. perfect! of course if you’re not into folksy stuff, it might be hard for you to like her, but please.. do give her a chance, her voice is magnificent! here’s a live performance of the song, it’s simply fantastic, but it starts a bit slow, guessing she was nervous, but she aces it towards the end.

The Way It Is – Nicole Atkins [Download]

I Didn’t Know My Own Strength – Whitney Houston [New Single]

Whitney Houston - I Didnt Know My Own Strength (FanMade Single Cover) Made by MattI didn’t know what Whitney’s comeback single would exactly sound like, first I thought it will an epic ballad, then thought maybe she’s opting for something more uptempo, say.. a Darkchild track, and so on. When the song finally leaked, I listened to it thinking I’d hate it, but surprise, surprise, I don’t. It’s a ballad, but it’s a very light song, very easy on the ear, nothing too complicated, just her colossal voice accompanied by a piano. The song may not do as well as they’re hoping, but I know I like it, and that’s all the matters, right? yes? good.

I Didn’t Know My Own Strength – Whitney Houston [Download]

Song Of The Day

MattSong: Still
Artist: Matt Nathanson
Album: Some Mad Hope
In short: I love Matt’s voice and music. This song is bound to grow on you if you let it. “Memories are strong enough, to come on and drive me wild. Come on and drive me wild” i love that last part.

Still – Matt Nathanson [Download]

YouTube: Lessa Fakir – Asalah

For all foreigners, who never heard of the name Umm Kulthum, she is the biggest icon the middle ease has ever seen. She’s egyptian, known for her jaw-dropping contralto range. In a nutshell; Big big vocals for long long hours. Visit her Wiki page to read more about her, there are some really interesting facts. Now back to the present, Asalah (featured more than once in here) is the middle east best vocalist (nowadays), she once said in an interview “People could criticize me about my looks, height, weight, but they can’t say a word about my voice. Whoever dislikes my voice should get his/her ear checked!” and I gotta say, I loved her more since. Anyways, back to the video, in here Asalah sings Umm Kulthum’s song a capella and adds her own style to it, I think she did a wonderful job. Sometimes I wonder, what would happen if she lived in Umm Kulthum’s generation..

Song Of The Day

amySong: Know You Now
Artist: Amy Winehouse
Album: Frank
In short: One of my two favorites off her debut album Frank. I like its subtlety, plus the line “I gotta know you now, we may never meet again” will probably stick in your head for a long while. If you’re a fan of Amy, and didn’t hear this song, get it, it’s a nice addition to your collection!

Know You Now – Amy Winehouse [Download]

Song Of The Day

ehSong: Hurtful
Artist: Erik Hassle
Album: Hassle
In short: Remember this post LONG time ago? I didn’t have the song back then, I do now, and it’s been on repeat for a long time, it ages really well. I recommend this song for EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERYONE.
I will post his “fan-fuckin-tastic” album soon, keep an ear out.

Hurtful – Erik Hassle [Download]

A Favorite: Goodnight Moon – Shivaree

killbillI didn’t like this song at first, but as I watched the movie over and over again, I REALLY had no choice but to love it, it’s quite addictive, and catchy. You’ll be running all day humming “he followed me home… now gooodnight moon!”. Download it, having it in your collection is essential.

Goodnight Moon – Shivaree [Download]

nuLike: Free – Gavin DeGraw

gavin1Those who’re not familiar with Gavin DeGraw, he posses one of the most emotion-filled voices I have ever heard, this song is everything I wanted him to do, stripped down to almost nothing, and him singing his heart out with lyrics so beautiful, it could make you cry, if you’re the crying type that is, hehe. My favorite bit:
I’m the fight and the dance
I am heartbreak and romance
The feather and the stone
I feel crowded and alone

And I wanna be free
Wind in my hair
Salt on my skin
Sun in the air
I have to feel love
Holding on me
I’ll give you everything that you would ever need

Free – Gavin DeGraw [Download]

Song Of The Day

mozellaSong: You Wanted It
Artist: MoZella
Album: I Will
In short: One of my favorites, very calm, very fitting for this weather. I love the 2:35 mark.

You Wanted It – MoZella [Download]

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