Christina Aguilera does Samantha Jones of “Sex & the City”

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This is one of favorite parodies of Sex and the City. To celebrate the new that Christina is now fully confirmed to star in Burlesque alongside musical legend Cher who was officially confirmed to play her “mentor” in the movie yesterday. Enjoy the HILARIOUS video.


YouTube: Lessa Fakir – Asalah

For all foreigners, who never heard of the name Umm Kulthum, she is the biggest icon the middle ease has ever seen. She’s egyptian, known for her jaw-dropping contralto range. In a nutshell; Big big vocals for long long hours. Visit her Wiki page to read more about her, there are some really interesting facts. Now back to the present, Asalah (featured more than once in here) is the middle east best vocalist (nowadays), she once said in an interview “People could criticize me about my looks, height, weight, but they can’t say a word about my voice. Whoever dislikes my voice should get his/her ear checked!” and I gotta say, I loved her more since. Anyways, back to the video, in here Asalah sings Umm Kulthum’s song a capella and adds her own style to it, I think she did a wonderful job. Sometimes I wonder, what would happen if she lived in Umm Kulthum’s generation..

Video: Why R U? – Amerie

Vodpod videos no longer available.
First of all, note that Amerie’s song titles include; Hate 2 Love U, That’s What U R, and Losing U. What’s up with that? I love the girl, but that needs to stop. Her new Def-Jam born single is titled (above) Why R U? (why not “Y R U?”), produced by The Buchanans, who do a wonderful job of copying Rich Harrison (who has been missing from the last album, and no word whether he contributed to the upcoming one). The video is average, nothing special. Amerie needs to get herself out of this genre, while it works for some it usually doesn’t for most. This song sounds like it could be found on any of her previous albums, it’s still good, but not fresh or intriguing. Her new album “In Love & War” is to be released in August, and marks Amerie’s first album on the Island Def Jam label. Executive producer of the album is LA Ried (Janet’s Discipline, and Mariah’s E=MC2).
Get the song below.

Why R U? – Amerie [Download]

The cutest kid on earth? Part Deux

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isn’t she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? The way she says crocodile will melt your black hearts.. hehe!

The Musical Is Back!

I highly advise you to watch it in HQ. This is the most talked about bit of the most talked about award show of the year. It was well worth the wait, Beyonce did the job required and more. She wowed the audience, and overawed her performing partners. I for one, wouldn’t want to be performing with Beyonce if I was Vanessa Hudgens, I mean, come on.

Video: Love Game – Lady Gaga

I don’t usually post new videos in here, but I love this one, and think it’s Gaga’s best yet, and I really can not wait for her to release “Paparazzi”. I only hope that she gets nominated for Best New Artist in the far-coming 2010 Grammys, if not, heads will roll.

Beyonce meets the ‘Single Ladies’ dancin’ guy, Shane Mercado.

We have all seen the guy who danced his butt off to Beyonce’s #1 hit ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”. At the Cadillac Records premiere, an interviewer introduces them together, and the look on Beyonce’s face is priceless! It’s so cute.

The Human Tetris

This never fails to startle me each time I watch it. A must see!


This happens every week, without anyone saying anything, I remember buying them when I was younger, but I never stopped to think how they got to be “colored”, and it never mattered to me, until yesterday when I came across this extremely cruel video of Bengalis coloring, or basically TORTURING chicks right here in Kuwait, in the Hamam Market. Something needs to be done about that.

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