Song Of The Day

CiCiSong: Work (Feat. Missy Elliott)
Artist: Ciara
Album: Fantasy Ride
In short: The new single from Ciara features Missy Elliott, and we all know they do great on songs together (1,2 Step, Lose Control..), this one is no different, it’s sure to set the clubs on fire, the chorus is very catchy and I can actually see Kuwaiti women dancing to it in weddings lol.

Work (Feat. Missy Elliott) – Ciara [Download]


Beyoncé Overload

beyonce6.jpgThere is no doubt that Beyoncé is THE best performer of our time, the only one who mastered the dance-and-sing combination perfectly. Anyways, this week I have been listening to a lot of her songs, whether solo or with DC. Here’s my Beyoncé playlist (for now):

Ring The Alarm
Her “fiercest” song, and the most anger-fueled one. It remains one of her best singles to date.

Why Don’t You Love Me
I have blogged about this song for oh-so-many times, and I still think more people should be aware of its amazingness. LISTEN TO IT.

Suga Mama
Damn, that was so good, I wanna buy him a short-set“, I’ve loved it when B’Day came out, and it still has its magic!

Hip Hop Star
Pure playas, pure playas“, I wish Beyoncé would release a quality album like her first one, but oh well.

Freakum Dress
This is a silly song, but it’s a silly song I love.

oh and add to that list “Nasty Girl“.

Nostalgia: Nasty Girl – Destiny’s Child

One of my all-time favorite songs and one of DC’s best. I love semi-breakdown at 1:40 and of course my favorite line “cleavage from here to Mexico“.
It’s the PERFECT song for the summer, you know..? They should just blast this song all over Kuwait 🙂

Nasty Girl – Destiny’s Child [Download]

nuLike: Pucker Up – Ciara

ciciDarkchild brings the goods, this is one of the standout tracks on Cici’s new album. Too bad some of the earlier leaked song that were VERY good aren’t on the album, but some of them are on the deluxe edition. Oh also am I the only one who’s disappointed that the whole 3-disc “ride” was scrapped? oh wells.

Pucker Up – Ciara [Download]

nuLike: Patron Tequila – Paradiso Girls

patron1Apparently Robin Antin can’t get enough girl groups, after the major flop that was Girlicious whom album was abysmal, she wanted to form a new group, this time my favorite cast-off from the show (sitting prettily on the ground on the right) is in the group. The funny thing is that their first single “Patron Tequila” is by far better than all of Girlicious’ album and 3/4 of PCD’s Doll Domination! I don’t know why I’m really liking this song, but I’m sure the beat has something to do with it! Anyways, here are the dirty version, a cappella one, and the instrumental. All are great on their own, really.

Patron Tequila (Dirty) [Download]
Patron Tequila (Instrumental) [Download]
Patron Tequila (A Cappella) [Download]

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