SOTD: Bad Habit – Joss Stone

Song: Bad Habit
Artist: Joss Stone
Album: Introducing… Joss Stone
Genre: Soul
In short: There is no artist in recent history that has tried to reboot his/her career as much as Joss Stone is trying to do. After the phenomenal success of her sophomore album Mind, Body, and Soul, Stone released three album titled Introducing… Joss Stone, Colour Me Free, and LP1, respectively. On each record, Stone has tried to revamp her career and gain more credibility, but sadly none of the releases were as good as her sophomore record. That being said, on Introducing… Joss Stone, “Bad Habit” stands out like a flame inside a railway tunnel.

Bad Habit – Joss Stone [Download]


NuLike: Bad Boys (Feat. Flo-Rida) – Alexandra Burke

VampyLess than a year after winning the fifth series of the hit UK show The X Factor, Alexandra Burke is back on the scene with a blazing new tune. I will not talk much about the song, but all you need to know is that the song is a hard hitting uptempo number that features A LOT of sirens (sometimes annoying), and a clap along breakdown towards the end. Is it good though? Yes. Is it that good? No.

Bad Boys (Feat. Flo-Rida) – Alexandra Burke [Download]

Review: The Hardest Thing – Mica Paris

6450_102551322006_84073717006_2622971_6777678_nArtist: Mica Paris
Song: The Hardest Thing
Release date: August 17
Label: Rhythm Riders

Mica Paris, a name that has been circulating for a long while (22 years to be exact), her name has always come up whenever someone discusses the UK soul scene. I listened to many of her albums trying to understand what the fuss was all about, there were some few hits here and there, but I was still not fully drawn to her music, her voice however has always been exceptional. “The Hardest Thing” came out, and I had to listen to it and see how it fairs, to my surprise it blew me away. Paris channels her inner Chaka Khan on this retro-soul scorcher. The song has a sing-along chorus that’s bound to get stuck in your head for some time. After hearing this song I can honestly say that my appreciation for this UK gem has been fully actualized. Her latest album, the aptly titled Born Again sees her working with hit-maker Brian Rawling as well as having writing credits by UK crooner James Morrison.

The Hardest Thing – Mica Paris [Download]

Review: Holiday by Dizzee Rascal

dizzeerascal_holiday_coverArtist: Dizzee Rascal
Song: Holiday (Feat. Chrome)
Release date: August 24
Label: Dirtee Stank

Most known for his 2008 hit song “Dance wiv Me”, UK sensation Dizzee Rascal teams up yet again with Calvin Harris on the anthemic “Holiday”.  The song features the customary Harris whiz dance beats, which is said to be the sound of Rascal’s upcoming album Tongue “N” Cheek. Rascal is leaving his grime roots behind, in favor of more mainstream pop, hence the large number of big-name collaborators reportedly working on the project including Armand Van Helden.  “Holiday” has an instant summer feel with references to Ibiza, the place where the video was shot. Just like Rascal’s previous singles (Dance wiv Me, Bonkers) “Holiday” is set to shake up the charts the week of its release, gaining him the momentum required ahead of the album release on September 21.

Holiday (Feat. Chrome) – Dizzee Rascal [Download]

Two new Sugababes’ songs

This is their second single, “About A Girl” produced by RedOne. The intro sounds like Gaga and the rest sounds more like Kat DeLuna. The song sounds really good live, and I can’t wait to hear the studio version. This has a very island-y and tropical feel to it!

This is another new song titled “Thank You For The Heartbreak” (I love the title), no idea who it’s produced by but it’s fits them perfectly. I can see myself leaning towards this one more so than the first two singles.

Overall, all of the new material sounds promising ad show a clear indication of their will to penetrate the US, but there’s nothing wrong with that and I really wish they can do so. The US lacks decent girl bands.

nuLike: Never Leave You (Feat. Amelle) – Tinchy Stryder

Woah, woah, and I will never leave ya” is bound to get stuck in your head for the next few days after hearing the song, granted. Tinchy and Amelle are taking over the UK charts, currently at #1 in the midweeks and most likely still be #1 on Sunday when the chart gets published. This is Tinchy’s second #1 (I’m already assuming it is) from his debut album, which is no easy feat for a new artist. Amelle has always had a special place in my heart ever since she joined the Sugababes, and I’m very happy to see her first non-Sugababes project proven fruitful. I just hope this won’t boost her ego too much to leave the group, because frankly, I don’t think the group can survive a fourth line-up.

Never Leave You (Feat. Amelle) – Tinchy Stryder [Download]

Harry Potter’s sixth film is Oscar Material

harry_potter_half_blood_prince_dumbledore_potterI am a big Potter fan, I’ve read all the books, watched all the movies, numerously, and I personally beam every time someone mentions his name. My favorite movie of the series remains the Alfonso Caurón directed Prisoner of Azkaban. The last one (Order of the Phoenix) was extraordinary as well, it marked David Yates directorial debut of the series, he’s directing the sixth, Half-Blood Prince,  and the two parts of the seventh, Deathly Hallows (one released 2010, and the other 2011). Back to our main movie, early reviews are calling it the best so far, and even going as far as saying that it’s a strong contender for the best picture race at the 2010 Oscars, now that it has 10 slots, not 5. Continue reading to see Paul Dergarabedian’s article, it’s not too long, and I bolded the important parts, so go on..

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Song Of The Day

Melanie FionaSong: Monday Morning
Artist: Melanie Fiona
Album: The Bridge
In short: This song sounds like something found on Mutya’s debut album, very much so. It came on while shuffling and I found myself hooked to the song, later to the girl’s music. Download it now.

Monday Morning – Melanie Fiona [Download]

Introducing: La Roux

larouxI LOVE YOU UK. I had to get it out of my system. I swear to god, had it not been for the UK’s music scene, pop would be blatantly boring today (with the exception of my dear Gaga). I will not list the many great pop artists the UK’s spawned, but instead I will talk about this new flaming, fiery, blazing, red-hot of an artist named La Roux (pronounced La Roo), to be more accurate La Roux is a band consisting of singer Elly Jackson, and behind-the-scenes co-writer-producer Ben Langmaid, but I’ll refer to Elly as La Roux, because I initially thought La Roux is her stage name.. ok I babbled a bit too much. I first head La Roux’s Quicksand EP which to me at that time, was average, very average, and it wasn’t until her hit single “In For The Kill” reached #2 on UK’s chart that I downloaded and listened more carefully to the song, which is obviously a hit! I was still not a big fan, but along came “Bulletproof“. Now, then, that song is the definitive moment in her career, it was an instant favorite from day 1. It’s beyond catchy, words can’t express how catchy the chorus is, hence the song’s STRAIGHT shot (debuting) atop the UK’s chart, #1! To me, UK’s chart is pop bible, because the sweet people of the lovely land of the United Kingdom have something most Americans lack (not all), taste. I am now listening her debut self-titled album, which is great (first listen!). It’s very cohesive, very charming, and above all, alarmingly hot. La Roux 1, Little Boots 0. Don’t judge me, I love competition/comparison. I uploaded two of the songs I loved upon hearing the album for the first time. They’re instants, trust.

La Roux:
Cover My Eyes

Moviedar: The Young Victoria

QVA look into the younger life of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, it stars Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada, Dan In Real Life) as the young Victoria and Rupert Friend (Pride & Prejudice, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas). It showcases the chronicles of the Queen and how her journey to the crown began, from when she was a little girl, to being the great queen she was. Peek after the cut for the trailer and some movie stills! Continue reading

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