News: Christina Aguilera’s new single is READY!!

Christina fans, you ready for GREAT news? Ok here goes, @themixologistt on twitter is mixing Christina’s album, or single, he said on his twitter:

WOW! Christina Aguilera’s new single IS DONE! DAMN, IS TOTALLY FABULOUS! I can’t wait to see it riding to to
numbah one!

I listened Aguilera’s new song about a million times, DAMN, Tricky n Claude made an AWESOME job!

All I can say now is; GET READY, CHRISTINA WILL SHOCK YOU!!!!!!

He also wrote some lyrics that I think belong to the new single, the lyrics are “You lost me since the day that you could hear another heart beat“, why do I think they’re Christina’s you ask? because the lovely SiA wrote a few weeks ago that she wrote a song with Christina called “You Lost Me”.

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Song Of The Day

Song: My Love (Feat. Mariah Carey)
Artist: The-Dream
Album: Love/Money
In short: The producer behind mega-hits Umbrella, Touch My Body, and lastly Single Ladies has his own album out this week, I haven’t listened thoroughly to it yet, but I had to listen to this first because or Ms. Carey. Her vocals are on point, the annunciation of “bye, bye” in her verse is immense. Obviously I only like the song for Mariah, not him. I believe producers should stay away from a microphone.

My Love (Feat. Mariah Carey) – The-Dream [Download]

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