SOTD: Halcyon Days – Siobhán Donaghy

Song: Halcyon Days
Artist: Siobhán Donaghy
Album: Ghosts
Genre: Alternative/Pop
In short: The first member to disband from the Sugagabes, Siobhán Donaghy, has released two solo albums since parting ways with the other members. Her sophomore album saw her working with producer James Sanger, whose production credits include U2, Keane, and Dido. The ethereal “Halcyon Days” is a moody number dotted with rays of hope; Donaghy sings so delicately, as if the melody could be broken by a puff of air. Sound-wise, “Halcyon Days” is the kind of song you’d imagine mermaids singing deep down in the ocean.

Halcyon Days – Siobhán Donaghy [Download]


Two new Sugababes’ songs

This is their second single, “About A Girl” produced by RedOne. The intro sounds like Gaga and the rest sounds more like Kat DeLuna. The song sounds really good live, and I can’t wait to hear the studio version. This has a very island-y and tropical feel to it!

This is another new song titled “Thank You For The Heartbreak” (I love the title), no idea who it’s produced by but it’s fits them perfectly. I can see myself leaning towards this one more so than the first two singles.

Overall, all of the new material sounds promising ad show a clear indication of their will to penetrate the US, but there’s nothing wrong with that and I really wish they can do so. The US lacks decent girl bands.

nuLike: Never Leave You (Feat. Amelle) – Tinchy Stryder

Woah, woah, and I will never leave ya” is bound to get stuck in your head for the next few days after hearing the song, granted. Tinchy and Amelle are taking over the UK charts, currently at #1 in the midweeks and most likely still be #1 on Sunday when the chart gets published. This is Tinchy’s second #1 (I’m already assuming it is) from his debut album, which is no easy feat for a new artist. Amelle has always had a special place in my heart ever since she joined the Sugababes, and I’m very happy to see her first non-Sugababes project proven fruitful. I just hope this won’t boost her ego too much to leave the group, because frankly, I don’t think the group can survive a fourth line-up.

Never Leave You (Feat. Amelle) – Tinchy Stryder [Download]

List: UK Girlbands Guide, vol.1

GBANDWhenever someone mentions the word girlband, the first thing that must come to your mind is.. well, Spice Girls. The UK have always been the place-to-be if you’re an aspiring girlband, after all, the UK spawned two of the most successful girlbands of our time, Sugababes and Girls Aloud. The success of those two caused the origination of many girlbands, some stayed, some dissolved. I consider UK’s girlbands a dominant players in Pop music, and as a pop lover, I can’t help but love them, maybe some more so than others. I’ve compiled some of my favorite songs of each of the two prominent girlbands, one song from each album. Don’t be fooled by the term “girlband”, they deliver the goods, trust.

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Nostalgia: Promises – Sugababes

sugababes-one-touchOne of the best songs off Sugababes’ debut album, “One Touch”. As much as I love Heidi and Amelle, the original line-up was unbeatable.

Promises – Sugababes [Download]


catfights__spotlightsI am deeply shocked that Sugababes’ best album in quite a while TANKED, and I really do not know why, although some reasons come to mid: the crappy first single released, or maybe the crappy album title? But it just doesn’t seem enough to kill the whole album. The album is definitely one of their very best, with top-notch production from Klas Åhlund who almost produced all of Robyn’s hit self-titled album. The songs that I uploaded are enough evidence to showcase the brilliance of the album. ‘You On A Good Day‘ is one of the best songs of ’08, there is no justification for the label not releasing this as the lead single. “Side Chick“, one of the many fan favorites, is considered Sugababes’ second attempt at rapping (the first being ‘Gotta Be You‘), Amelle’s verse towards the end is one of the albums highlights, while some might find a bit cheesy, I thinks it’s perfection, it introduced the word ‘Meticulous’ to me. ‘Unbreakable Heart‘ is one of their most beautiful tracks, having many melodies, layers and is vocally perfect. ‘Sunday Rain‘, the album’s biggest ballad, and most epic track. If they ever opt for a ballad release, they should go with this. ‘Every Heart Broken‘ (previously known as ‘Murder One‘), the fan-favorite, and my personal favorite. The song is stunning on so many levels making it wrong for people not to hear it, had this been the first single, it’d also saved the album, the song is one of ’08’s top 10 [my chart]. ‘Beware‘ the album’s darkest track, by both lyrics and instruments. It sounds like something found on a Bond movie soundtrack (it would’ve been a better bond track than Alicia & Jack White’s). If you had to download only one song, this is the one. ‘Can We Call A Truce‘ the album’s perfect closer. I really do not know how to describe the song, but all I can say is that Heidi’s verse it practically heaven, you can really feel the emotions in that specific verse. I also love the middle 8, everything that happens after the 3:28 mark is epic. Concluding my first rank, I’ll just say that I hope they don’t sell themselves to make up for this album flopping (even though it IS their best).

1- You On A Good Day
2- Side Chick
3- Unbreakable Heart
4- Sunday Rain
5- Every Heart Broken
6- Beware
7- Can We Call A Truce 

Song Of The Day


Song: Conversation’s Over
Artist: Sugababes
Album: Three
In short: One of my all-time favorite Sugababes song,
I love the vocals of each member, and absolutely adore the lyrics,
and the questioning of  actions, when they do a “dark” ballad, they master it.
Sugababes – Conversation’s Over [Download]

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