Spotlight: Dance For You – Beyoncé

Beyoncé has made up for the lackluster I Am… Sash Fierce with the excellent 4. While the 12-song set is strong enough on its own, B has included 4 bonus tracks to accompany the record, and luckily out of the 72 tracks she submitted to her label (Yes, 72!! I know.), “Dance For You” made the cut. For fans of Beyoncé’s more sensual numbers (“Speechless”, “Still In Love (Kissing You)”), this one is for you. On the number, B sings “This is beyond sex, I’m high on you”, and we’re all high on this number.

Dance For You – Beyoncé [Download]


The King Of Pop

MJsGloveI really am at a loss of words, I don’t know what to write.
I’ll leave you with my ABSOLUTE favorite Michael Jackson songs, may he rest in peace.

1. Dirty Diana
2. In The Closet
3. Scream (With Janet Jackson)
4. Black Or White
5. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
6. Heartbreaker
7. Can’t Let Her Get Away
8. Give In To Me
9. The Way You Make Me Feel
10. Gone Too Soon

Review/Spotlight: Erik Hassle’s “Hassle”

hassleI promised to post his album back in this previous post, and here it is. The album is definitely a highlight of 2009, so far. From the opening track to the closing one, it’s all good, and I mean really good. The album kicks in with “Bump In The Road” which is a hopeful song perfect for blasting out loud on your way to work. “Hurtful” we all heard it, we all love it, we all are still having it on repeat, aren’t we? good. “Don’t Bring Flowers (After I’m Dead)” another highlight, if you liked the previous two, you’ll love this one, its lyrics are beautiful, and no it’s not a ballad. “Isn’t It Obvious” one of my favorites, this would’ve been a perfect lead single for Kelly Clarkson instead of “My Life Would Suck With You“, I can’t think of any person more fitting for this song, it’s an instant favorite.”The Thanks I Get” the album slows down a bit in here, but it’s still as perfect as ever, the lyrics are enough to keep you occupied through the whole song, add to it Erik’s beautiful voice, and you’ll have a winner, another favorite. “Wanna Be Loved” is on the verge of MGMT’s territory, the chorus is its best part, and I usually hate choruses, “Of all the lonely people, I wanna be loved by you“. “Fist Time” is uplifting, my favorite line in the whole album is in it, “You keep on giving me goosebumps, every time you touch my neck, and did you know girl just how bad my toes curl, when the end of our fingers connect?“, beautiful!”Love Me To Pieces” is a bit boring, but the chorus salvages the whole song and save it from sounding like everything on the radio. “All I Wanted Was You” is the big ballad of the album, his vocal range is huge. “Back To Bed” has my favorite intro-music of the album, it’s eerily beautiful, another favorite of mine. “Make It In Time” the perfect way to close a perfect album. I don’t usually give any album 5 pods rate, but this is more than deserving.



1. Bump In The Road
2. Hurtful
3. Don’t Bring Flowers (After I’m Dead)
4. Isn’t It Obvious?
5. The Thanks I Get
6. Wanna Be Loved
7. First Time
8. Love Me To Pieces
9. Bitter End
10. All I Wanted Was You
11. Back To Bed
12. Make It In Time

Erik Hassle – Hassle [Download]

Spotlight: Rabenkinder

rabenWhile walking the street of Köln in Germany, I heard a VERY beautiful voice that made me follow wherever it came from like Jerry follows the cheese scent in Tom & Jerry. It led me to a sweet couple sitting on the floor with a guitar case opened and coins/money in it.. I thought they were too good to be begging for money, they WERE too good! I stood there for a good three songs before they packed and left, they sang in english and german, the woman’s voice is angelic, they had a CD they sold for €5, and I thought of sharing it, because how else would people get to listen to their music, and hopefully someone will notice them and sign them up to a record label asap! My favorites are I’m Not Alone, Nein, and Mask Of Smile. Take a listen yourself and tell me what you think!

Noch Louter!
Bei Mir
I’m Not Alone
Broken Precious Child
Mask Of Smile

Rabenkinder – EP [Download]

Lyrics: Earreading [7]

stalk“If you a star, I be your milky way
If you a bar, I drink up everyday
If you the town, I be the talk
If you the talk, baby I be the walk

If you wanna dig, I be your gold baby
If you wanna live, I be your old age
You be the time, I be the clock
You be the tick, I be the tock


If you a case, I be a jury
If you a sin, I be your mercy
If you a beat, I be the moves
If you a tree, baby I be the roots

If you a bride, I be your wedding
If you a soul, I be your Otis Redding
If you a verse, I be your song
If you a king, I be your kong”-
Nikka Costa’s “Stuck To You

Review: Ahlam’s “Hatha Ana”

02jpg1Ahlam’s 10th studio album, and her second with Rotana, proved to be a huge hit, fairing 100x better than the one before, which was a huge disappointment, being her worst album to date. The album opens with the infection first single “Wailik” which paves the way for a much heavier produced album, the instruments are all excellent, although some are better than others. “Asaak Bkhair” the second track is a reminiscent of her huge hit “Walla Ahtajik Ana“, it’s not as good, but it is a huge step forward her unaccounted forays into “slow-romantic” songs. Third track “Mabah Jideed” is a definite standout, it’s produced by Saham, who’s the “hot” producer of the Khalaji scene, this is definitely in my top 5 tracks. The album dulls but not for long on track 4, “Ana Tab’ee Ketha“, skip it to get to track #5 faster. The title-track, ‘Hatha Ana” is most certainly different she’s ever done, it was recorded in Prague with 85 violins, it’s the classiest thing she’s ever done, for international visitors, download it below. “Saddagt” is a real treat, it’s much better than what I expected, and it grows over time. “Tawwik Fithait“, which you can download below is my favorite “up-tempo” track on the album, it’s catchy, fresh, and very energetic, it’s everything Ahlam is known for. “Akhir AlAkhbar” composed by Kuwaiti composer Andullah AlGo’oud feels a bit gimmicky at first, but will most definitely grow on you after a few listens. “Shasaweelik” is a catchy mid-tempo song that has a great hook that would probably stick in your head all day. “Fikkoni Minnah” starts off to an indian-like beat and evoloved into an all-Khaliji “6ag6iga”, which never fails. “Ta’awadt ElJirah” has yet to impress me. “Ala Ya Shari ElFarga” is an Emarati/Bahraini themed song, it feels very traditional and therefor fun. “Nawee Tirooh” is my absolute favorite track of hers from all of her material circa ’97, it’s composed by Anwar Abdullah, who discovered Ahlam in the first place, whose Ahlam compositions as of late were a bit “Meh” (Nasi, Babihom Sidda..etc.) although I do love the latter. This song is not for everyone, I love it for it’s sheer effect on me, I have never been this captured by an arabic song in a really long while, it’s Ahlam pulling off her best Abdu. The album closes with the already-known “Awareekom Feeh“, she sang the hell out of this song in every concert, TV appearance..etc. It’s still fun to listen to though, it’s a fun track, nothing serious. This marks Ahlam’s best album since her ’97 “Kaif Artha?”. Very well done, Ahlam and thank you very much for making me fall in love with you, your music all over again. Definitely worth your 1.500 KDs.



Hatha Ana
Tawwik Fithait
Nawee Tirooh

Spotlight: Ahlam’s “Hatha Ana”

01jpg1Ahlam, the gulf’s biggest female star has just released her new album, “Hatha Ana” (This Is Me), today in Kuwait. I have heard it, and can confirm that it’s better than her last two (shitty) albums. She’s trying a lot of new things in the album, all of which result in a surprisingly good tunes. This is an album for the fans, and non-fans alike. Make sure to get out and buy it.

Spotlight: Echochrome OST

77282-echochrome-1jpgEchorchrome, one of the most beautiful games I have ever played my whole life, so simple, yet so complex, and always addicting. The main strong point of the games is not its puzzle, nor the beauty of it, but the beauty of its music, it has the most elegant, most beautiful soundtrack I have ever heard my whole life, composed solely by Hideki Sakamoto, I used to leave some of the stages of the game on just to hear the music in the background, and yesterday I looked hard for the soundtrack until I finally found it, so here I am, sharing my beautiful finding with you all, I hope you too like the music, it’s classical at its best. My favorite “prime” is second track “Prime #7“, and it’s not because I love the number 7. Download it to inject an extra classiness into your routine.

1. Prime #3
2. Prime #7
3. Prime #101
4. Prime #19
5. Prime #313
6. Prime #61
7. Prime #2
8. Prime #457
9. Prime #59
10. Prime #919
11. Prime #5
12. Prime #233
13. Prime #9973

Echochrome OST [Download]

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