SOTD: I Would Have Never Guessed – Sade

Song: I Would Have Never Guessed
Artist: Sade
Album: The Ultimate Collection
Genre: Soul
In short: A previously unreleased song, the piano-led “I Would Have Never Guessed” is a classic Sade number that’ll take listeners many years back upon first listen. “Is something this broken ever gonna fix? / If you ask me this question / I would have never guessed,” closes Sade Adu the number theatrically. The only drawback is its short length, clocking in at a little less than three minutes.

I Would Have Never Guessed – Sade [Download]


SOTD: Paper Thin – MC Lyte

Song: Paper Thin
Artist: MC Lyte
Album: Lyte As A Rock
Genre: Rap
In short: Known for being one of the very first female rappers on the scene, MC Lyte has successfully made her mark and paved the way for the generation that followed. Lyte As A Rock is a great introduction to Lyte’s wonderful world of rap classics, including the album’s title track, “10% Dis”, “Paper Thin”, and many others.

Paper Thin – MC Lyte [Download]

SOTD: Good Man – Raphael Saadiq

Song: Good Man
Artist: Raphael Saadiq
Album: Stone Rollin’
Genre: Soul/Alternative
In short: Raphael Saadiq’s 70’s-inspired record can’t really be categorized under one genre; the album mixes elements of soul, hip-hop, and rock ‘n’ roll. The haunting “Good Man”  is a career high for Saadiq; the production on this number is Grammy-worthy.

Good Man – Raphael Saadiq [Download]

SOTD: The Robot – Alessi’s Ark

Song: The Robot
Artist: Alessi’ Ark
Album: Soul Proprietor
Genre: Indie
In short: Alessi Laurent-Marke left school to pursue music at the age of 16, and by 17 she had a major record label deal which lasted for only one album, before she moved to independent record label Bella Union. The first EP released under the new label was Soul Proprietor, a four-song set that showcases Alessi’s strengths as a songwriter and composer. For those who aren’t familiar with her, “The Robot” will serve as a great introductory number.

The Robot – Alessi’s Ark [Download]

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