SOTD: Halcyon Days – Siobhán Donaghy

Song: Halcyon Days
Artist: Siobhán Donaghy
Album: Ghosts
Genre: Alternative/Pop
In short: The first member to disband from the Sugagabes, Siobhán Donaghy, has released two solo albums since parting ways with the other members. Her sophomore album saw her working with producer James Sanger, whose production credits include U2, Keane, and Dido. The ethereal “Halcyon Days” is a moody number dotted with rays of hope; Donaghy sings so delicately, as if the melody could be broken by a puff of air. Sound-wise, “Halcyon Days” is the kind of song you’d imagine mermaids singing deep down in the ocean.

Halcyon Days – Siobhán Donaghy [Download]


Theory: Personality Evolution

EvolutionThere is this really enjoyable article I read here, it basically boils down to saying that brain scans reveal men are tuned to external events, while women pay attention to what’s inside them. This made me think for a long time about how different men today are from men decades before. Men and women have both changed dramatically since then, but I think men changed more than women, and reading that article it made sense. The world is changing rapidly, nothing is stable anymore, there is always the “next” thing to either fear or look for. Men are more respondent to external events than women, so they’re change is more severe. Men today are nothing like those of past, not saying that this is a bad thing of course (eventhoughitkindais), but think about it, if we, men, are changing and tuning to external events, what will become of men 60 or so years to come?, when the world is very different than what it is now. Women of course are changing too, but not as vigorous as men are, that’s why you can see more resemblances in women today with those of 60 or so years ago than in men.
You can link this to many, many, many things, and you can compare people today to those before, and it’ll make more sense.
Again, this is just a matter of opinion and my whole take on the article, not solid facts, so voice your opinion and tell me your take!
ps: click on the picture to see its full size, very, very much worth it.

This all made me think of this:
Revolution In Me – Siobhán Donaghy [Download]

A Favorite: Givin’ In – Siobhán Donaghy

dont_give_it_up_singlejpgSiobhán (pronounced Shi-von) is the first to leave the Sugababes, after only one album released, and I’m thankful she did, otherwise we wouldn’t have had the two brilliant albums of hers, especially her second, Ghosts. This is a B-Side to the album’s lead single “Don’t Give It Up”, I think it’s a beautiful song, with beautiful meaningful lyrics. It’s not for everyone, and it takes time to grow on you.

Givin’ In – Siobhán Donaghy [Download]

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