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A winner x3

Neva Soft – Ms Dynamite [Download]


Cheryl Cole Fights For Love in Three Words

Cheryl+Cole+c1No, Girls Aloud aren’t breaking up, they’re still very intact. But, the sexiest of the sexiest is set to unleash her solo single this week. “Fight For This Love” is the title. The song has been described as the ani-Xenomania (Girls Aloud’s producers) by Popjustice, There are no words out about the producers, it has all been very hush hush. Cheryl is yet to talk about this project herself!
The single will be played during Radio 1’s Chris Moyles Breakfast show around 8AM GMT.
Cheryl’s debut album “Three Words” is set for an Oct. 2nd release.

Song Of The Day

Song: My Love (Feat. Mariah Carey)
Artist: The-Dream
Album: Love/Money
In short: The producer behind mega-hits Umbrella, Touch My Body, and lastly Single Ladies has his own album out this week, I haven’t listened thoroughly to it yet, but I had to listen to this first because or Ms. Carey. Her vocals are on point, the annunciation of “bye, bye” in her verse is immense. Obviously I only like the song for Mariah, not him. I believe producers should stay away from a microphone.

My Love (Feat. Mariah Carey) – The-Dream [Download]

Artist-you-might-not-know-but-should-really-know [20]

sohoWho: SoHo Dolls
Genre: Pop/Electronica/Neo-Jazz/Alternative
About: I first heard from them in an episode of Gossip Girl, I instantly fell in love with the song, and soon enough the whole album “Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation”. Their still is very weird, it mixes everything from jazz to electronica to pop to rock..etc. I could go on forever. Here are the two songs featured on the show, and funnily enough they’re both featured in a stripclub scenes, which is one of the many feels of the album, it’s very sexy.

SoHo Dolls:
I’m Not Cool

Album: Women Of The World – Acoustic

womenI snatched this CD when I was in Athens this summer, it’s the perfect addition to any acoustic music/female vocalists lover’s library. Download it, and enjoy!


1. M’Envoyer des Fleurs – Sandrine Kiberlain
2. Grano de Arena – Marta Topferova
3. Sunnyroad – Emiliana Torrini
4. Não Se Apavore – Luca Mundaca
5. Bida Mariadu – Lura
6. Sekna – Mona
7. Tuca’ La Louna – Tamara Obrovac
8. Ola Ta Aiskola – Anastasia Moutsatsou
9. Paula Ausente – Marta Gomez,
10. Wa – Kaissa,
11. One Voice – The Wailin’ Jennys 


Leona’s latest single

In case you didn’t know, ‘I Will Be’ is the next US single to be taken off Leona’s highly successful album ‘Spirit’. The song is produced by Dr. Luke [Avril’s Girlfriend, Katy’s I Kissed A Girl..etc.] and written by Max Martin and Avril Lavigne. I personally prefer Avril’s version of the song, even though I know that Leona’s voice is 100x better than Avril’s, but her voice gives the song a less cliched feeling that Leona seems to induce. Listen and compare.

PS: I added Christina’s ‘I Will Be’ [which is a whole different song] just for the heck of it, since it’s a bit rare and not a lot of people have heard it, oh and for the fact that it is twice as good as both songs combined 🙂

I Will Be – Leona Lewis
I Will Be – Avril Lavigne
I Will Be – Christina Aguilera [Dirrty B-Side]

Briteny’s Circus’ Artwork

Here’s the rumored single cover for Brit’s second single, Circus. This would’ve been a better album cover, but it still isn’t good enough, I prefer the promo cover much, much, much more. Like it was last year, the ugly album cover didn’t touch my iTunes/iPod, therefor I’m compiling a list of great album covers to use instead of the hideous one.

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