Breakup Rehab

BreakupA post at Abdullah’s p0ach inspired me to write this post. I saw some “steps to get over her/him” in a magazine, and I thought I’d share the main points, with giving my own take to it, ready? here goes:

1- Keep a clean house/room: Well, this step would not necessarily apply here in Kuwait because people in relationships do not live together, unless married and that’s a whole other topic. So I’d say the first step it take everything that reminds you of her/him out of your place. Gifts, clothes, movies…etc. BUT do that only if you’re the type of person who gets nostalgic easily, who’s always reminiscing. If her/his stuff being around doesn’t affect you much, then more power to you.

2- Hide your mobile: Are you the type of person whose day revolves around a phone call? yes? ok here’s what to do, throw your phone, or keep it with one of your trusted friends, if you keep your phone by your side, you’ll always be waiting, and checking, did it ring? will she/he call? a message? an email? a facebook notification..etc. that thinking will only lower your productivity and bring you down. Think of it this way, keep in your mind that they won’t call, won’t text, won’t do anything associated with contacting you, and live your day on those basis. If they called, you’d know, and take it as a “bonus”. If not, you knew that they wouldn’t and won’t be shocked as to why they didn’t contact you, HOW DARE THEY not contact you? you’ll see.

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Random: Weird Plastic Surgeries

The days of Liposuction, nose-jobs, facelifts..etc. are over! Plastic Surgeries evolved over the past years, you’ll see some surgeries that’ll wow you!

a228_tonguejpgFirst, we have this snake-tongue surgery that basically split the tongue with laser to create the image above, nasty.

a228_dogsjpgDog face-lift! Now that’s disturbing, poor dog!

ob-at301_health_20071030131120jpgThe 6-packs suction. This is basically liposuction but is more focused on the fat between the skin and the packs. The results are weird, and not in a good way.

0jpgElf-ear!!! Why? Why would anyone undergo a surgery to make their ears elf-like? I don’t get it!

prenatal-plastic-surgeryjpgReady? Plastic surgeries from INSIDE THE WOMB?? The baby isn’t even born yet, what kinda fuckery is this?

nuLike: Download (Feat. T-Pain) – Lil’ Kim

lilkimdownloadjpgLil’ Kim is back with a new album out sometime later in ’09, here’s a taste of her.. music. It features T-Pain, and all the internet “lingo” nastied up. Download “Download”

Download (Feat. T-Pain) – Lil’ Kim [Download]


blackdiamond1sz3jpgThis week’s GEMS! theme is Black GEMS! First thing you do, open all the download-able links in taps, download all, then read about the songs, thanks.

janetjacksonNasty – Janet Jackson [Download]
No, my first name ain’t baby, It’s Janet… Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty” enough said.

frRight Round (Feat. Ke$ha) – Flo Rida [Download]
Okay, I caved, it’s catchy, what can I say? I love how Kesha’s voice sounds exactly like Katy Perry, maybe they’re using the same autotune effect?

mc1Bliss – Mariah Carey [Download]
Her high notes in the background are to die for, get it!

sadeI Couldn’t Love You More – Sade [Download]
Very smooth, very slick, very relaxing, very Sade.

jhudPocketbook (Feat. Ludacris) – Jennifer Hudson [Download]
“GIVE IT TO ME”, infectious is what I would say.

randyWhat Am I So Afraid Of? (Feat. Trisha, Keke and Kiley) – Randy Jackson [Download]
This is the female version of One Republic’s “Apologize”, it’s in the same vein as that, great song!

jaguarPlay The Field – Jaguar Wright [Download]
The list started on a high-note, and that’s how it’s gonna end. Discover a new artist if you’ve never heard of her, her voice is crazy.

Earth Hour: The Huge Turn-Off, Alanis Bites Her Toanail

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Alanis Morissette bites talks to you, me, us about a HUGE turn-off, MUST WATCH THIS!

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