SOTD: This Too Shall Pass – Maria Mena

Song: This Too Shall Pass
Artist: Maria Mena
Album: This Too Shall Pass – Single
Genre: Pop
In short: “This Too Shall Pass” is the lead single off Maria Mena’s highly-anticipated fifth studio album, Viktoria. Written by Mena, the number is her own letter of apology to the people she has hurt unintentionally or intentionally. “The winds of your ego / The waves of My tears / Made The most perfect almighty storm that we’ve seen this year / But experience gathered / We’ve learned from our past / So don’t worry darling / This too shall pass,” sings Mena on the confessional number.

This Too Shall Pass – Maria Mena [Download]


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mariamenajpgWho? Maria Mena
Genre? Pop/Soul/Acoustic
About: Maria Mena, one of our time’s greatest writers, or so I believe, she’s the only singer that I could identify with, the only woman who would understand me, the only songstress that I feel fully connected to her music. I swear to god I use her music as therapy, her voice heals me. I highly respect this woman, I wish to meet her one day, and TALK to her. Here are some of my absolute favorite songs with my favorite lyrics:

Maria Mena:
Each confession I make translates to you as an insult,
we must rid ourselves of this habit.
I once heard you say youll never love anyone more, then why am I still fighting you?
And its never felt like this before, no we have never fought like this before
“-I’m On Your Side

Our battles are repetitious, if not broken poetry
and maybe that’s the attraction, that you’re as self-absorbed as me.
You jumped to the conclusion and landed on my chest,  now how am I supposed to make you see.
“-Our Battles

I’ve run out of complicated theories, so now I’m taking back my words, I’m preparing for the breakdown.
Your t-shirt lost its smell of you, and the bathroom’s still a mess, remind me why we decided this was for the best
“-Miss You Love

Comfortable as I am, I need your reassurance.
Comfortable as you are, you count the days
“-Just Hold Me

I know it’s time for me to grow up, I know my head’s somewhere else but give me a break
I’ve never done this before, and somewhere in between I’m feeling lonely.
You wouldn’t have a friend that I could borrow?
“-Pale People

I got used to the treadmill love, where no matter how fast you run, you’re stuck at the starting point,
only exhausted
“-Where Were You

Just tell me how you want me, and I’ll be naked stumbling
just to get a reaction, any signs of love
“-Nevermind Me

He grabs my wrist, as my fingers turn into angry fists“-Sorry

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holdme“If I wanted silence I would whisper,
and if I wanted loneliness I’d choose to go,
and if I liked rejection I’d audition,
and if I didn’t love you, you would know”-Maria Mena’s “Just Hold Me

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