Awards: A Tribute To Britney Spears

MTV is honoring Britney Spears come August 28; this video shows Spears dancing around and many nods to pop’s greatest figures: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Madonna.

My favorite scene in the video has got to be this one, Ms. Jackspears:


List: Soundtracks, vol.1

ostThis is a two parts post that’ll include my favorite movie-songs, tell me what you think when you listen to them, or if you already know them!

killbill1Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) – Nancy Sinatra [Download]
From the soundtrack of Kill Bill vol.1, this is the first song that plays in the movie, and believe it’ll be in your head until the end of the second movie. It’s not originally made for the movie, but the inclusion for it in the movie is of vital importance.

dreamgirlsHeavy – Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé & Anika Noni Rose [Download]
One of my favorite songs from the soundtrack of Dreamgirls, wish it was longer, not only 1:33 minutes. My favorite bit is: “You used to dance, instead of walk, you never had to talk, talk, talk!”

evitaYou Must Love Me – Madonna [Download]
Taken from Evita, let me just state something, I hate Madonna (Madonna the person, not the music), HATE her guts, but this song is undeniably beautiful (as is a lot of her music). I have yet to watch Evita, but it’s on my watchlist.

zoolanderLove To Love You Baby – No Doubt [Download]
A cover of Donna Summer’s megahit by No Doubt, which is unlikely, but it works in their favor, it’s an absolute delight!

enchantedSo Close – Jon McLaughlin [Download]
One of the best Disney movie-songs in a long while, it was nominated for an oscar, but sadly lost. It still remains one of my all-time favorite Disney songs.

junoAnyone Else But You – The Moldy Peaches [Download]
From Juno’s soundtrack, I bet most of you already know this song, it still sounds just as beautiful and fresh as it did when I first heard it.

romeoAre You Feelin’ Me – Aaliyah [Download]
Always, ending at high notes. Of the three Aaliyah songs on the soundtrack, this is my absolute favorite, by a mile. If you don’t know it, then get loadin’.

List: Fever

“What a lovely way to burn!”. The famous song originally sung by Little Willie John but ever since crossed over and became a pop standard after being transformed, with additional lyrics, by Peggy Lee, So here you have my 7 favorite covers of this amazing song! It seriously never gets old! let the countdown commence:

7- Madonna – Fever [Download]

6- Sophie Milman – Fever [Download]

5- Little Willie John – Fever [Download]

3- Peggy Lee – Fever [Download]

2- Ray Charles – Fever (Feat. Natalie Cole) [Download]

1- Beyonce – Fever [Download]

Let me justify this list, Madonna’s #7 because turned the song into a dance song, and i personally hate dance/techno music, but nevertheless it’s a great cover, but not as good as the other ones! Sophie Milman is a great artist, most noted for her HUGE jazzy debut, She covered this song in her latest album “To Make Someone Happy” which is a great album full of covered songs and original ones, She did this song justice, i love the piano in this song and the horns, it’s well-produced song! Little Willie John’s version which is also the original version of the song without the later-added lyrics, His voice is magnificent! this song is a classic! Michael Bubble’s version is nothing short of a masterpiece, it’s included in his debut album which was hailed by a lot of critics and did really well. Next is Peggy Lee’s version, I LOVE this version, Peggy Lee is so beautiful as a person and her voice is just as pretty! This song is so simple it makes it all the more brilliant! Ray Charles… The reason this is #2 is because of his amazing voice and the dialog-like verses between him and Natalie Cole, Whose voice is AMAZING!! a goddamn powerhorse! and #1 is Beyonce’s version, it might be because i adore her, but no that’s not it, beyonce’s version is a bit different from the others, she brings something ghetto to the song lol, which suits me perfectly, i know most people would disagree, but seriously her voice shines through this song, and the way she sings the “Romeo loved juliet..etc.” line, she does it different that all the others versions with her ghetto vibe! I love this version!

hope you enjoyed this list!

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