MTV Gaga Promo

Lady Gaga is set to open the 2011 MTV VMAs with an explosive performance of—hopefully—a set of her hits, or just “Yoü And I”.

Tune in on August 28!

Remixtation: Judas – Lady Gaga

Needless of long introduction, Goldfrapp has revolutionized the dance/electro music scene in the UK for quite some time. “Judas”, one of the better tracks on Lady Gaga’s latest, got the remix treatment by none other than Goldfrapp themselves (Although it is probable that Allison didn’t touch it) and have successfully managed to reshape the song into something unrecognizable, in a good way. Download below and give it a listen.

Judas (Goldfrapp Remix) – Lady Gaga [Download]

Gaga does NEO2

87235_1_122_565loI love her.

SOTD: Paparazzi – Lady GaGa

lady-gaga-the-fame-coverSong: Paparazzi
Artist: Lady GaGa
Album: The Fame
In short: Forget all you know about Poker Facing and Dancing, Lady Gaga’s latest single is a monster of a song, a lush monster if I may add. Different than her previous RedOne helmed singles, Paparazzi adds more substance to the enigma that is Gaga.

Paparazzi – Lady GaGa [Download]

Remixtation: Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) – Lady GaGa

GaGaI love Bollywood remixes. I love anything indian that touches american music, it automatically upgrades it (Britney’s Me Against The Music, anyone?). This is keeping with the “status-quo”, take a listen and tell me what you think!

Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Bollywood Remix) – Lady GaGa [Download]

Maxim(um) GaGa

Lady GaGa graces the pages of Maxim magazine in this heat of a photoshoot. The pictures are after the jump.. ahem. This post includes somewhat “explicit” pictures, which is not new to Gaga.
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Song Of The Day

wale_chillin_lady_gagaSong: Chillin’ (Feat. Lady GaGa)
Artist: Wale (pronounced Walé)
Album: Chillin’ – Single
In short: GaGa’s verse is definitely keeping in track with her hits in being catchy as hell. Also Wale’s rapping isn’t hideous, I actually enjoy it. This song has been on loop for the past three days, I wonder when will it wear off.

Chillin’ (Feat. Lady GaGa) – Wale [Download]

Remixtation: Paparazzi – Lady Gaga

Dylan_Cee_.jpgStuart Price, the man behind Madonna’s Confessions On A Dancefloor remixes Gaga’s best song (in my opinion) and what a wonderful job he’s done! I don’t know if she did re-sing the song, but the melody is a bit different. But still wonderful as ever. Get downloadin’

Paparazzi (Stuart Price Remix) – Lady Gaga [Download]

Remixtation: LoveGame – Lady GaGa

gaga1I love remixes that change the listening “experience” of a song, “Robtos to Mars” remix does that exactly. It tones the song down, and make it very lounge-y, except for the main track which isn’t slowed down. Take a listen and decide for yourself.

LoveGame (Robots to Mars Remix) – Lady GaGa [Download]

Gaga Styles

25qdqg6jpgLady Gaga graces “Style’s” cover.

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