Prontopay: Life is easier

IMG00765-20090705-1006Are you a Viva user? Zain? Wataniya? well, for the latter two it wouldn’t be of much difference since you can pay online. But our dear Viva (my internet provider) doesn’t offer online payment, so you’d have to go to one of their branches to pay. Imagine my surprise when I was walking in our university (KU) and I find this machine. It’s been there for ages, but I never cared to see what it does. Anyways, here’s a picture (below) that shows brand options, from Zain to CashU.
IMG00764-20090705-1006It’s cool isn’t it? I don’t have to go their branch to pay my bills. It’ll do until they launch their online payment service.

Gallery: The Invasion of Kuwait

image003Below is a gallery full of pictures of our beloved Kuwait circa 1990-1991, the effects and aftereffect of the Iraqi invasion 😦

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POM: Got ‘roids?

20080606_steroiduser2I’m starting to think steroid are being sold everywhere, to everyone. Because believe it or not, people in Kuwait are abusing steroids as much as they’re doing Polos and A&F tees. It might actually be “Buy one Polo tee and get a free steroids injection!“. Now don’t get me wrong, not all and sundry are on steroids, but those who’re “using” are starting to look more obvious the more they shoot up their system. What’s wrong with the old fashioned way? Hit the gym three-four times a week, and get results in 4-5 months time? I guess waiting is passé. Oh well, we all know the dangers of steroids, if you don’t, google it.

Review: Brownies Delight

BrowniesI was going through my list of local blogs and found some of them (iLSuL6aNa, and Blushberry) posted about Brownies Delight, with the latter saying they’re the best and encouraging people to try them, so I did. What’s it like? It’s not good, but it’s not bad as well. I ordered them with very high expectations, and I was impressed with the packaging quality, it’s very neatly done, and very fresh when it arrived, but I was let down when I got to try them, they’re a bit dry and spongy. The best brownies in Kuwait are the ones from Choowy Goowy, Chocolate Bar (not all time, but they’re a hit sometimes) and Crumbs, although both of them aren’t THAT good. I have yet to have a tasty brownie in Kuwait, other than home made ones. I wouldn’t say don’t try it, but I won’t recommend it as well.



I’m back!


POM: Masquerade

masquerade_by_zilla774Piece of Mind is a “section” where i’ll write my pieces of mind, what’s bothering me, what’s making me happy..etc.
Masks, not only worn for Halloween. We encounter countless of masks each and every day each and everywhere. Why do some people feel the need to mask their identity to get by in this society? masking it either by looks, acts, or accessories even. Social events, public places, grocery stores, universities, and even gymnasiums are becoming unofficial masquerades with smiles for masks. I’m all for smiles, and being a better person, but what I don’t get is, why when someone you see always smiling, turn into a monster (above) when the lights go out (metaphorically and literally). Firstly, I have seen an awful lot of people in malls, colleagues or old friends at best, run into each other and smile, hug and kiss, but once the leave, they’re facial expression changes dramatically, to an expression of detestation. Secondly, people alter a lot about themselves to adapt to our society, to the point that they’re no recognizable as individuals, they’re just clones of the majority, and when a trend erupts it outpours, whether it’s clothes, places, devices..etc. In conclusion, this is just a piece of my mind, and I hate to see the clones a majority and the individuals a minority.

Zain Create: The Middle Eastern iTunes?

ZainCreateOk so here’s the low down, we’ve all seen the annoying ads where the tiny skinny guy pops up in video clips of Elissa, Asalah..etc. (Rotana artist..).
I didn’t know what it was exactly, and thought it was a service where you send a message to a number and receive a ringtone. I was wrong.
It’s a website, similar to iTunes (except it’s not an application) where you can preview and purchase music content by most Rotana artists. It’s in its infant/baby stages, and hopefully the best is yet to come. Prices? To purchase a single song, it’ll cost you 300 fils, and a full album is 1.400 KD (as opposed to the 1.500 KD physical copy, booklet and all). I think it’s a tiny bit overpriced, they should cut it to atleast 1 KD, since getting the content for free is a click away. The price gap between the actual and virtual copy should be well more than 100 fils. Why Zain Create? well, apparently they signed a deal with Rotana to have exclusive material which is not available elsewhere. Selected songs from yet-to-be released album are for sale at 500 fils a track, and that’s their “competitive advantage”. There will also be a music video download option available sometime later this year. Other features include live streaming of radio channels and Rotana channels through your laptop.
It’s a nice step towards broadening and connecting people of the middle east through the latest in the music world (even though it’s not yet available for all of the middle east). I personally can’t wait to see what’s next!


This happens every week, without anyone saying anything, I remember buying them when I was younger, but I never stopped to think how they got to be “colored”, and it never mattered to me, until yesterday when I came across this extremely cruel video of Bengalis coloring, or basically TORTURING chicks right here in Kuwait, in the Hamam Market. Something needs to be done about that.

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