Moviedar: Alica In Wonderland

This is the official teaser trailer for Tim Burton’s take on Alice In Wonderland. I can’t think of anyone better ┬áto direct such flick, and with the stellar cast of Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, and Helene Bonham Carter.


Upcoming: Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland

alice-in-wonderland_oldI love Tim Burton so very much, from the quirky Edward Scissor Hands, to most recently Sweeney Todd, the duo (trio counting Helena Bonham Carter) never failed me, there’s always something exciting, something very fresh, and of course something a little bit creepy. When I heard that Tim Burton is doing Alice In Wonderland, I was hoping that both Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham carter will be in it, and guess what? they got the best roles AND there’s one additional surprise for those not familiar with other cast members, check after the jump for the promotional photos and the tiny surprise.

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Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary

Here are the first set picture of Johnny Depp in his upcoming movie The Rum Diary out 2010. What the hell happened to him?


Moviedar: Public Enemies

Johnny Depp. Christian Bale. Marion Cotillard. enough said.

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