Awards: A Tribute To Britney Spears

MTV is honoring Britney Spears come August 28; this video shows Spears dancing around and many nods to pop’s greatest figures: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Madonna.

My favorite scene in the video has got to be this one, Ms. Jackspears:


Janet Jackson Post

Janet+Jackson+janetjackson22700Well, well, well. What a week for Ms. Jackson’s fans. Where to start? Let’s see:

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Janet Jackson is opening the night with a tribute to her late bother, a performance that is set to bring down the house. Some of the dancers included go back as far as the Control era. Above is the VMAs promo regarding Janet’s performance.

Janet Jackson has opened up for the first time since Michael passed away. You can read Bazaar’s exclusive interview on their website here. You’ll find out that she: 1. Finished filming the sequel to Tyler Perry’s No.1 box office smash Why Did I Get Married?, aptly titled Why Did I Get Married Too. 2. Finished writing a diet/self-esteem book called True You. 3. Is working on a new album. 4. Is planning to tour the album afterwards.

Janet Jackson’s heart wrenching BET speech


nuLike: 70’s Love Groove

jjJust let me do all the work” Janet opens the song, whispering.
You know what you’re in for right? This is a somewhat rare song of hers, not on any of her albums, but it should’ve been. Its structure is very simple, but the chorus/spoken words will hook you up.

70’s Love Groove – Janet Jackson [Download]


HellHathNoFuryLikeALionessScornedHell hath no fury like a woman scorned“, ever heard that saying before? Yes? good, so you know what this list is all about. I have to give the grand prize to black and country songstresses, they sing about this topic like no other, and you’ll know exactly why after downloading the songs below! PS: I’ll write the “take-away” lines from each song belows it.

MJBRoses – Mary J. Blige [Download]
“You just wanna rip somebody’s head off”

janetThis Time – Janet Jackson [Download]
“You’re runnin’ ’round, with those nasty hoes,how long did ya think I can take this?”

BLost Yo Mind РBeyoncé [Download]
“OMG, you done lost yo motherfucking mind”

RihannaBreakin’ Dishes – Rihanna [Download]
“I’m roasting¬†marshmallows on the fire, and what I’m buring, is your attire”

BspearsShattered Glass – Britney Spears [Download]
“I promise that you gon’ want me back, when your life falls apart, like shattered glass”

MLGunpowder & Lead – Miranda Lambert [Download]
“His fist is big but my gun’s bigger,¬†He’ll find out when I pull the trigger”

JssDirty Man – Joss Stone [Download]
“You forgot one thing baby when you were doing me wrong, that i’m a good housekeeper, I’m gonna take my broom and sweep all of the dirt out in the street”

Lovey-dovey, the Chocolate method!

chocolate2-208-1jpgChocolate, the¬†tastiest¬†ingredient¬†on earth, here refers to the tastiest songs, music, and artists. No one sings love songs like black people, no¬†racism, no strings attached, it’s just facts. Soul music, R&B, Motown, are all¬†primarily¬†black music, and love is the subject of 99% of those songs. So here’s a little compilation of love sings, that’s sure to put a smile on your pretty face when heard! So hurry up and get loadin’.

jillJill Scott:
Come See Me
All I
He Loves Me [Lyzel In E Flat] (Live In Paris)

I could sleep to the sound of Jill talking, let alone singing, here’re some of her best love-filled songs, her writing is immense, especially the second and third ones! Fact: Janet Jackson said Come See Me is her favorite track off Jill’s album while promoting Why Did I Get Married? in which they starred alongside each other.

toniToni Braxton:
I Wanna Be (Your Baby)

I know it’s not her best, but I love that song, it came up while shuffling, and I just stood still listening to the lyrics defining and¬†dissecting¬†a love so strong, and “laying it on the line”

jjackonJanet Jackson:
Spending Time With You
Any Time, Any Place
Love 2 Love
No one does sexy love ballad like Ms. Jackson, a song that’s very underrated and ignored is “Love 2 Love” which I think is beyond great, the beat, the vocals, the overall production, it’s a hard-hitting one!

lhillLauryn Hill:
Nothing Even Matter
I won’t say a word, listen to the lyrics.

akeysAlicia Keys:
Never Felt This Way (Interlude)
Taken from her debut album, this beautifully crafted interlude was dismissed/ignored by the public because of it being a mere interlude, I think it’s better than half of the album, if you’ve never heard and you like any Alicia song, just make sure to grab it while it’s here!

alarriAmel Larriuex:
For Real
Make Me Whole
“Make Me Whole” is a modern classic, or it should be. It’s the IT song for lovers, not exaggerating when I say it’s one of the best songs I have heard my whole life. For Real is just beautiful, the high-notes towards the end are crazy, didn’t know she had it in her!

1st & Love
“1st & Love” is one of the best songs on Brandy’s latest LP, it stood out¬†immediately, it has a killer hook, an epic chorus, and beautiful cutesy lyrics! “Fall” is also a gem of hers, “When you find someone that means so much to you, giving all you got is easy to do


blackdiamond1sz3jpgThis week’s GEMS! theme is Black GEMS! First thing you do, open all the download-able links in taps, download all, then read about the songs, thanks.

janetjacksonNasty – Janet Jackson [Download]
No, my first name ain’t baby,¬†It’s Janet… Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty” enough said.

frRight Round (Feat. Ke$ha) – Flo Rida [Download]
Okay, I caved, it’s catchy, what can I say? I love how Kesha’s voice sounds exactly like Katy Perry, maybe they’re using the same autotune effect?

mc1Bliss – Mariah Carey [Download]
Her high notes in the background are to die for, get it!

sadeI Couldn’t Love You More – Sade [Download]
Very smooth, very slick, very relaxing, very Sade.

jhudPocketbook (Feat. Ludacris) – Jennifer Hudson [Download]
“GIVE IT TO ME”, infectious is what I would say.

randyWhat Am I So Afraid Of? (Feat. Trisha, Keke and Kiley) – Randy Jackson [Download]
This is the female version of One Republic’s “Apologize”, it’s in the same vein as that, great song!

jaguarPlay The Field – Jaguar Wright [Download]
The list started on a high-note, and that’s how it’s gonna end. Discover a new artist if you’ve never heard of her, her voice is crazy.

Song Of The Day

janetSong: I Get Lonely
Artist: Janet Jackson
Album: Velvet Rope
In short: One of my all-time favorite Janet ballads, I really wonder what happened to those send-shiver-down-your-spine ballads, they were classy, unlike her more recent stuff, Never Letchu Go, Greatest X..etc. The only good recent ballad of hers is Can’t B Good, and it’s not even as good as her older ones, it’s a shame she won’t ever top her older self! Enjoy the song, and keep blasting it out all day.

I Get Lonely – Janet Jackson [Download]

ICON: Janet Jackson

janet-jackson-boobs000x0432x520I haven’t always been a fan of hers, but I got into her recent and earlier work not too long ago, and I’m most glad I did, because genius work like hers should NOT, and I repeat should NOT go unnoticed, and obviously it isn’t, but for my generation, the newer one, most of her previous work is known to be legendary, but one might have the idea of it not being as accessible as recent work. Good thing about Miss Jackson, is she’s¬†light years¬†ahead of her time. Control, Rhythm Nation 1814, janet., and Velvet Rope are all CLASSIC albums that must be revisited from time to time. ¬†I highly recommend you the “janet.” album, it’s one of the best albums of ALL time. Here’s a link where you can find all of her albums spanning 1982-2006, and you should buy her latest, Discipline, which is nothing short of brilliant, but of course it’s not perfect, there are some¬†hideous¬†cuts here and there. Anyways, I just wanted to add in my 2 cents, you can read all you want about Janet in her wiki page. Enjoy ūüôā

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