iWant: Ralph Lauren Scuderia Tote

RLSBagHow beautiful is that bag?


Pretty: Neo Gramophone

gramo81This Neo Gramophone is the image, simplicity and feeling of a traditional gramophone transported in the 21st century.” as they say. It features iTunes digital streaming, and high-end subwoofer and speakers. Basically it’s a dream come true. Sadly it’s not yet for sale, but Lars Amhoff, the designer of the product is looking for a company to bring the product to market, so hopefully when it becomes available i’ll be able to snatch one! Read more about it here, and check how beautiful it is, words can’t do it justice. 

Gadgets: Amazon Kindle 2 launching Feb. 9th

That is tomorrow guys, Amazon will launch the next installment of the highly successful Kindle line, after the original being named Oprah’s favorite gadget of the year, it sold out on Amazon.com and a successor was inevitable. The new Kindle is much sleeker, slimmer, prettier and costlier than the original. It also has speakers at the back, which I’m guessing for audiobooks? All in all, it’s the perfect gift for book lovers.



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