Fall TV Guide

TVMy very dear friend Abdullah over at Khaleejesque wrote an excellent and very thorough summation of the upcoming Fall TV shows. Featuring both new and returning shows, including everybody’s favorites (Desperate Housewives,¬†Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, and many more). Here is the link to his article, and here’s a YouTube playlist I made of all of the mentioned shows’ promos, excluding 30 Rock, cause I couldn’t find a promo/trailer for the upcoming season. Watch it Here


Artist-you-might-not-know-but-should-really-know [20]

sohoWho: SoHo Dolls
Genre: Pop/Electronica/Neo-Jazz/Alternative
About: I first heard from them in an episode of Gossip Girl, I instantly fell in love with the song, and soon enough the whole album “Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation”. Their still is very weird, it mixes everything from jazz to electronica to pop to rock..etc. I could go on forever. Here are the two songs featured on the show, and funnily enough they’re both featured in a stripclub scenes, which is one of the many feels of the album, it’s very sexy.

SoHo Dolls:
I’m Not Cool

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