GEMS! is an on-going series of songs—random songs—that I feature regularly here on the blog. The songs don’t have to be new or English or under any criteria, it’s just great music. Below are 9 songs handpicked for your listening pleasure. Comment if you like them, comment if you don’t.

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nuLike: Fight For This Love – Cheryl Cole

CherylI’ve written about it here, but now the real thing has leaked, full HQ and all. To be honest I hated it at first, but it has tendency to stick in one’s mind, some 10 listens or so, I like it. Long story short, it’s a grower.
I hope she has better things up her sleeve. Get it girl.

Fight For This Love – Cheryl Cole [Download]

Cheryl Cole Fights For Love in Three Words

Cheryl+Cole+c1No, Girls Aloud aren’t breaking up, they’re still very intact. But, the sexiest of the sexiest is set to unleash her solo single this week. “Fight For This Love” is the title. The song has been described as the ani-Xenomania (Girls Aloud’s producers) by Popjustice, There are no words out about the producers, it has all been very hush hush. Cheryl is yet to talk about this project herself!
The single will be played during Radio 1’s Chris Moyles Breakfast show around 8AM GMT.
Cheryl’s debut album “Three Words” is set for an Oct. 2nd release.

SOTD: Untouchable – Girls Aloud

GA_UntouchableSong: Untouchable
Artist: Girls Aloud
Album: Out Of Control
Genre: Pop
In short: This song will need a whole week to digest. No 7 minutes have ever sounded this good. Girls Aloud are the supreme girl band on planet earth, having had 20 consecutive Top 10 hits, and surviving 6 years without a change of line-up.

Girls Aloud – Untouchable [Download]

List: UK Girlbands Guide, vol.1

GBANDWhenever someone mentions the word girlband, the first thing that must come to your mind is.. well, Spice Girls. The UK have always been the place-to-be if you’re an aspiring girlband, after all, the UK spawned two of the most successful girlbands of our time, Sugababes and Girls Aloud. The success of those two caused the origination of many girlbands, some stayed, some dissolved. I consider UK’s girlbands a dominant players in Pop music, and as a pop lover, I can’t help but love them, maybe some more so than others. I’ve compiled some of my favorite songs of each of the two prominent girlbands, one song from each album. Don’t be fooled by the term “girlband”, they deliver the goods, trust.

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Remixtation: Untouchable – Girls Aloud

aloudBimbo Jones remixes Girls Aloud’s “Untouchable”, you download it, you listen to it in beautiful 320 kbps, you like it!

Untouchable (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit) – Girls Aloud [Download]

Girls Aloud are Untouchable

Remember my Song Of The Day post not so long ago? Well, the music video has just been released, and it’s BEAUTIFUL. They all look stunning, the only bad thing about the video is the edited version, the radio edit, it strips the original of all its beauty, and what’s the vocoder manipulating with their voices at some points? It still is better than all of the American Billboard chart. You can get the full song here.

Girls Aloud’s EPIC performance of “Untouchable”

Their first performance of their 21st single Untouchable on “Dancing On Ice”, their intro was perfect for the song, couldn’t ask for a better entrance. Untouchable is the group’s masterpiece that was 7 minutes long, but of course there had to be a radio edit, lo and behold, the radio edit was unveiled three days ago, obviously it has nothing on the album version, but it’s a good to-the-point edit, I could’ve done without the vocoder though. Check their performance, and the amazing ice skating happening all the while.

Song Of The Day

Song: Untouchable
Artist: Girls Aloud
Album: Out Of Control
In short: This is the band’s masterpiece, in all sense of the word. It’s 7 minutes long, it’s beyond beautiful, the vocals layering is gorgeous, this has got to be the most beautiful song I heard since “Save Me From Myself”. This is a grower, people. It grew on me just last month, and has been on heavy rotation ever since. Give it time and you’ll definitely fall in love with this pop masterpiece.

Untouchable – Girls Aloud [Download]

nuLike: Love etc. – Pet Shop Boys

petLet me start by saying I have never been a fan of the PSB, but I’m turning into one. It started with me stumbling upon their Pop Art: The Hits album, and liking a few songs here and there, and then again after hearing their penned Girls Aloud single, The Loving Kind. Here’s the lovely “Love etc.” from their upcoming album “Yes“. The song is produced by hotshot production team Xenomania, best known for their work with Girls Aloud. The song is a definite grower, but an instant at the same time, give it time, and it will all fall into place.

Love etc. – Pet Shop Boys [Download]

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