Gaga does NEO2

87235_1_122_565loI love her.

iWant: Ralph Lauren Scuderia Tote

RLSBagHow beautiful is that bag?

Bambi styled campaign by Stella McCartney

stella_mccartneyCute, no? Yes.

Marion Cotillard as Lady Dior

ladyrougeOne of my favourite actresses ever, Ms. Cotillard is set to dazzle the fashion world in Paris’ fashion week this October.
The next chapter in the Lady Dior advertising saga, sees the Oscar-winning actress continuing her adventures, this time in New York City as “Lady Red.

Gadgets: Fash-bot

Fashion bot, that is. Models are out, HRP-4C’s are in! Japan, the fastest fast-forwarding country in the world, has develpoed this female robot that’s suited primerly for fashion runways. “The she-bot features 30 motors spread throughout its body with an additional eight motors in its face for expressing general boredom and disgust”-Engadget. It’s goes for $200,000, pretty cheap for a freakshow on a runway, eh? check the video for extra creepiness.

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