Moviedar: Whip It!

sxp0msDrew Barrymore’s directorial debut starring Ellen Page, Kristen Wiig, and Zoe Bell.
It looks funny as hell, and I really really am hyped to watch it!


Confirmed: Christina Aguilera to star in “Burlesque”

BurlesqueIt is now confirmed that Christina Aguilera will in Steve Antin’s “contemporary musical” Burlesque. Steve Antin is Robin’s brother, Robin Antin is the creator of the Pussycat Dolls. Christina Aguilera already joined the Pussycat Dolls when they were performing in clubs as a burlesque group, before being “PCD”, here’s the video of her performing Fever. We all know Christina is no stranger to burlesque-ing, if the fever video didn’t prove it, THIS will.


Song Of The Day

Song: Hypnotic Dancefloor
Artist: BoA
Album: BoA
In short: ¬†You rarely hear anything but a big ballad as an album’s closer, not on BoA’s self-titled english debut. This song closes the brilliant album leaving you wanting MORE. The production, courtesy of Henrik Jonback, who produced most of the album, including Eat You Up, is crazy, that’s all I can say. If you liked anything by Bloodshy & Avant (Kylie’s Speakerphone, Britney’s Phonography, Radar, Toxic and Freakshow) you’ll love this guy! This song is infectious, just get it already. ps: the breakdown at 2:14 reminds me of Kylie’s Speakerphone.

Hypnotic Dancefloor – BoA [Download]

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