Awards: A Tribute To Britney Spears

MTV is honoring Britney Spears come August 28; this video shows Spears dancing around and many nods to pop’s greatest figures: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Madonna.

My favorite scene in the video has got to be this one, Ms. Jackspears:

Britney Spears on The Late Show with David Letterman

She’s cute.


HellHathNoFuryLikeALionessScornedHell hath no fury like a woman scorned“, ever heard that saying before? Yes? good, so you know what this list is all about. I have to give the grand prize to black and country songstresses, they sing about this topic like no other, and you’ll know exactly why after downloading the songs below! PS: I’ll write the “take-away” lines from each song belows it.

MJBRoses – Mary J. Blige [Download]
“You just wanna rip somebody’s head off”

janetThis Time – Janet Jackson [Download]
“You’re runnin’ ’round, with those nasty hoes,how long did ya think I can take this?”

BLost Yo Mind – Beyoncé [Download]
“OMG, you done lost yo motherfucking mind”

RihannaBreakin’ Dishes – Rihanna [Download]
“I’m roasting marshmallows on the fire, and what I’m buring, is your attire”

BspearsShattered Glass – Britney Spears [Download]
“I promise that you gon’ want me back, when your life falls apart, like shattered glass”

MLGunpowder & Lead – Miranda Lambert [Download]
“His fist is big but my gun’s bigger, He’ll find out when I pull the trigger”

JssDirty Man – Joss Stone [Download]
“You forgot one thing baby when you were doing me wrong, that i’m a good housekeeper, I’m gonna take my broom and sweep all of the dirt out in the street”

Song Of The Day

yael-naim.jpgSong: Toxic
Artist: Yael Naim
Album: Yael Naim
In short: A cover of Britney’s song obviously, but imagine is sung as a lullaby, a ballet anthem, or simply it’s how Britney would sing her kids to sleep. I want to know what you think, so TELL me.

Toxic – Yael Naim [Download]

Britney S(Disap)pears in her self-starred Circus

While lip-syncing performing her Blackout gem “Ooh Ooh Baby”, Britney did some magic tricks with the help of a magician, here are two of the tricks, one is a bit boring, and the second is the good one, check it out, it’s in good quality too!

Song Of The Day

: Heaven On Earth
Artist: Britney Spears
Album: Blackout
In Short: The black sheep of Blackout, the only song that sounds out of place have a more european sound that the urban one of the album, if you liked Breathe On Me and And Then We Kiss, you’ll love this one.

Haven On Earth – Britney Spears [Download]

Briteny’s Circus’ Artwork

Here’s the rumored single cover for Brit’s second single, Circus. This would’ve been a better album cover, but it still isn’t good enough, I prefer the promo cover much, much, much more. Like it was last year, the ugly album cover didn’t touch my iTunes/iPod, therefor I’m compiling a list of great album covers to use instead of the hideous one.

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