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yael-naim.jpgSong: Toxic
Artist: Yael Naim
Album: Yael Naim
In short: A cover of Britney’s song obviously, but imagine is sung as a lullaby, a ballet anthem, or simply it’s how Britney would sing her kids to sleep. I want to know what you think, so TELL me.

Toxic – Yael Naim [Download]

Artist-you-might-not-know-but-should-really-know [21]

Who: Regina Spektor
Genre: Pop/Acoustic
About: It’s really funny how I stumbled across this album, I was checking the albums released the same week as Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics, and read a very positive review about this particular album, so I caved in, and fell for her voice. Regina’s tender vocals will find their way into your heart, you can’t not love her music. Billboard named her album the 21st best album of 2006. Here are my favorite picks, 3 from the album, and the fourth from the soundtrack of Narnia. Favorite lines from the songs, Fidelity‘s “Suppose I never ever saw you, suppose we never ever called, suppose I kept on singing love songs, just to break my own fall“, Samson‘s “You are my sweetest downfall, I loved you first“, On The Radio‘s “This is how it works, you peer inside yourself, you take the things you like, then try to love the things you took, and then you take that love you made, and stick it into someone else’s heart, pumping someone else’s blood“, The Call‘s “Just because¬†every thing’s¬†changing, doesn’t mean it’s never been this way before“. Enjoy!

Regina Spektor:
On The Radio
The Call

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