NEWS: Google vs. Microsoft, Amazon, and Yahoo!

OBAHere’s a quotation from Engadget through BBC News, with all the important parts bolded:
Microsoft, its new pet dog Yahoo, and Amazon have decided to join together in the soon to be formed Open Book Alliance. You might expect this to be a revolutionary new collaborative effort at delivering the written word in a way that makes Google Books pale into insignificance, but you would, of course, be wrong. Far from trying to compete with Google, The OBA is set to act as the collective mouthpiece for all those opposed to Google’s recent $125 million settlement deal with book publishers and authors. With the US Department of Justice already investigating antitrust concerns relating to the case, the other big dogs just couldn’t restrain themselves from pitching in together for a united whinge. Should the settlement be cleared, it will permit Google non-exclusive rights to orphan works (those without an established writer) and will give it a 30 per cent cut of books sold via Google Books, both things that authors have agreed to. So what’s there to moan about, fellas — we all trust Google to do the right thing, right?”

They excerpt says that they’re not competing with Google, but come on! Anyways, worse comes to worst, I believe Google has the complete support of Apple.


Harry Potter’s sixth film is Oscar Material

harry_potter_half_blood_prince_dumbledore_potterI am a big Potter fan, I’ve read all the books, watched all the movies, numerously, and I personally beam every time someone mentions his name. My favorite movie of the series remains the Alfonso Caurón directed Prisoner of Azkaban. The last one (Order of the Phoenix) was extraordinary as well, it marked David Yates directorial debut of the series, he’s directing the sixth, Half-Blood Prince,  and the two parts of the seventh, Deathly Hallows (one released 2010, and the other 2011). Back to our main movie, early reviews are calling it the best so far, and even going as far as saying that it’s a strong contender for the best picture race at the 2010 Oscars, now that it has 10 slots, not 5. Continue reading to see Paul Dergarabedian’s article, it’s not too long, and I bolded the important parts, so go on..

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Gadgets: Amazon Kindle 2 launching Feb. 9th

That is tomorrow guys, Amazon will launch the next installment of the highly successful Kindle line, after the original being named Oprah’s favorite gadget of the year, it sold out on and a successor was inevitable. The new Kindle is much sleeker, slimmer, prettier and costlier than the original. It also has speakers at the back, which I’m guessing for audiobooks? All in all, it’s the perfect gift for book lovers.



Review: The Tales Of Beedle The Bard

J.K. Rowling never ceases to amaze me by her ever-growing imaginative writing skills. In each Harry Potter book she wrote, she comes up with something new to make you think, and this book is no different, it’s a collection of 5 short stories, in the vein of children fairytales such as Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, The Sleeping Beauty, Snow White..etc. as she describes the book in the introduction. All of the five story have a story and a lesson to learn from, I won’t go too deep into the book, but what I will say is, this is a must-have for everyone who loved, or didn’t love the Potter series.

Rating 5


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