Song Of The Day

Song: Untouched
Artist: The Veronicas
Album: Hook Me Up
In short: This has been a favorite of mine ever since I heard it, but it┬árecently┬ácame on shuffle and I couldn’t stop listening to it! It’s a very well-produced song, and the singing is their best. My favorite bit has got to be the intro. The more you listen to the song the more hidden instruments you’ll find. This is pop music at its best.

Untouched – The Veronicas [Download]


Song Of The Day

ehSong: Hurtful
Artist: Erik Hassle
Album: Hassle
In short: Remember this post LONG time ago? I didn’t have the song back then, I do now, and it’s been on repeat for a long time, it ages really well. I recommend this song for EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERYONE.
I will post his “fan-fuckin-tastic” album soon, keep an ear out.

Hurtful – Erik Hassle [Download]

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