SOTD: In My Bed – Amy Winehouse

: In My Bed
Artist: Amy Winehouse
Album: Frank
Genre: Jazz/Soul
In short: Amy Winehouse’s music is unapologetically crusty, and completely sensational. Even though Amy is gone, her music is immortal.

In My Bed – Amy Winehouse [Download]


List: Live/Acoustic, vol.1

Here is a new list that I’m sure most of you will like and appreciate, hopefully. There goes:

GavinCop Stop (Live) – Gavin DeGraw [Download]
This has already been a favorite of mine when I first heard his album, and hearing it live makes it even better. Don’t miss on downloading it!

SiALentil (Live) – SiA [Download]
No matter what I say about this lady, it will still be paltry. She’s one of my all-time favorite artists.

NBPut Your Arms Around Me (Live) – Natasha Bedingfield [Download]
This is a very cute song, I love Natasha’s live performances. Her voice is not the best, but her emotions do get through.

SaraLove Song (Live) – Sara Bareilles [Download]
I like this better than the original one.

RSLive With Me (Feat. Christina Aguilera) (Live) – Rolling Stones [Download]
Fast forward to the 2:54 mark, her voice is immense.

ReginaLove Profusion (Live Madonna Cover) – Regina Spektor [Download]
I have always loved this song, Regina adds little fun to the song, I like this performance.

AWYou Know I’m No Good (Live) – Amy Winehouse [Download]
Who doesn’t love this song? One of Amy’s best.

Song Of The Day

amySong: Know You Now
Artist: Amy Winehouse
Album: Frank
In short: One of my two favorites off her debut album Frank. I like its subtlety, plus the line “I gotta know you now, we may never meet again” will probably stick in your head for a long while. If you’re a fan of Amy, and didn’t hear this song, get it, it’s a nice addition to your collection!

Know You Now – Amy Winehouse [Download]

Lyrics: Earreading [11]

campsbaysunsetjpgI wish I could say no regrets, and no emotional debt, cause as we kiss goodbye the sun sets. So we are history, a shadow covers me, the sky above ablaze, that only lovers see“-Amy Winehouse’s “Tears Dry On Their Own

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