Carrie Underwood Plays On

15zgzv6Here’s the official artwork for Carrie’s upcoming album, I didn’t know she was releasing an album this year. The cover is boring, just like all of her previous album, but luckily this time it’s not all yellow.
The album is set for a November 3rd release date.


Review: Had It All – Katharine McPhee

Had It All, Katharine McPhee

Artist: Katharine McPhee
Song: Had It All
Release date:  August 25
Label:  Verve Records

Back in the game again, American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee is set to release her sophomore album Unbroken this October. Things are all different this time around, first of all Katharine is blonde, and more importantly the sound she opted for is completely different to everything found on her debut LP. One main reason is that the genius John Alagia (John Mayer, Jason Mraz) helped produce and perfect the forthcoming album.  Katharine was released of her contract with RCA after dissatisfying album sales, which gave her more freedom to evolve as an artist and record the material she wanted to record. It is crystal clear that she left the R&B-fused and over-produced pop days well behind her. The lead single has a raw, earthy feel to it while McPhee keeps marinating her vocal prowess still. The bridge features a billowing high note that brings back her days of “Idol” to mind. If the upcoming album features more of “Had It All”, I’m sold.

Had It All – Katharine McPhee [Download]

Song Of The Day

krisSong: Heartless (Kanye West Cover)
Artist: Kris Allen
Album: American Idol 8: Kris Allen
In short: When I heard him say he’ll sing Heartless, I was wtf’d a bit, but I have to say he did a GREAT job, it’s even better than the original and any cover version, I didn’t know those were the lyrics of the song when Kanye sang it, so kudos Kris!

Heartless – Kris Allen [Download]

nuLike: Battlefield – Jordin Sparks

JSJordin Sparks, winner of the 6th season of American Idol, returns to the music scene with this epic (Ryan Tedder, obviously) song that is describe by Popjustice as a “monolithic Ryan Tedder R&B extended metaphor rock power ballad”. Her debut album had some great non-idol-ic moments (Shy Boy, Freeze, Overcome, See My Side and No Air), but I won’t say that I was excited about her new single. I read the raving reviews, so I took a listen, and I loved it. Highly recommended. Get it before it goes “mainstream” and loses its feel.

Battlefield – Jordin Sparks [Download]

Introducing: Alexis Grace

alxsjpgAlexis Grace, the latest outcast of AI, is still one of my favorite people to be on that show, her voice-type doesn’t come too often, so there was absolutely no reason for her to be booted at all, let alone this early, when people like Michael, and the blind guy are there, okay they can sing, but not half as good as Alexis. Don’t let her tiny frame fool you, for her voice is bigger than Aretha’s hat. Hare are three songs of hers to download, I absolutely love her rendition of each and every song she sang. I feel like the audience vote based on what the judges say, not who they think is best. Anyways, I babbled way too much. Alexis, you’re the best thing that happened to the show, the judges were stupid enough not to save you, and the voters are beyond stupid to not have voted for you.

Alexis Grace:
I Never Loved A Man
Dirty Diana

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