SOTD: Lentil (Live) – SiA

Song: Lentil (Live)
Artist: SiA
Album: Lady Croissant
Genre: Pop/Alternative
In short: Pint-sized Australian songbird Sia Furler has been making music for a long while, but her breakthrough came after her collaborative work with UK trip-hop duo Zero 7. Preceding the release of her fourth album, Some People Have Real Problems, Furler released a live album containing some of her old hits and new songs that were later included on the follow-up release. One of those songs is the sublime “Lentil”, written by Furler herself and long-time friend Samuel Dixon, the song mirrors Furler’s charming personality and is a notch above most singer-songwriters’ material.

Lentil (Live) – SiA [Download]

SOTD: Defeated – Kritsy Lee

KristySong: Defeated
Artist: Kristy Lee
Album: Lifescapes
Genre: Acoustic
In short: Consider yourself lucky if you ever get your hands on Kritsty Lee’s music. Her voice is magnificent and her unique rhythms are absolutely nourishing.

Defeated – Kristy Lee [Download]

SOTD: Not As We – Alanis Morissette

1 Flavors of Entanglement Song: Not As We
Artist: Alanis Morissette
Album: Flavors of Entanglement
In short: By teaming with producer Guy Sigsworth, Alanis crafted her best album to date, a career highlight without a doubt. True shame not many people took notice. This poignant song has been written after her breakup with then-boyfriend Ryan Ryenolds. “For now I’m faking it, ‘till I’m pseudo making it/from scratch begin again, but this time I as I not as We

Not As We – Alanis Morissette [Download]

SOTD: It Don’t Matter To The Sun – Rosie Thomas

ISCBHSong: It Don’t Matter To The Sun
Artist: Rosie Thomas
Album: If Songs Could Be Held
In short: This big ballad of unrequited love is mainly commanded by Thomas’ charming voice. The less of it will leave you wanting more.

It Don’t Matter To The Sun – Rosie Thomas [Download]

SOTD: The Way It Is – Nicole Atkins

: The Way It Is
Artist: Nicole Atkins
Album: Neptune City
In short: You may have never heard of Nicole Atkinn, but her music is so charming and “authentic”, this song, the first single “The Way It Is” is the only reason anyone would need to convince anyone to love her, it’s just.. perfect! of course if you’re not into folksy stuff, it might be hard for you to like her, but please.. do give her a chance, her voice is magnificent! here’s a live performance of the song, it’s simply fantastic, but it starts a bit slow, guessing she was nervous, but she aces it towards the end.

The Way It Is – Nicole Atkins [Download]

SOTD: Chocolate High – India.Arie

photo-cover-art-testimony-vol-2Song: Chocolate High (Feat. Musiq Soulchild)
Artist: India.Arie
Album: Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics
In short: A very light, wittily written song (I crave you, I want you/every cell in my body needs you/tasty like hersheys and nestlé/you’re rich like godiva boy). It’s almost impossible to believe how harmonious their voices sound together

Chocolate High (Feat. Musiq Soulchild) – India.Arie [Download]

New Singles, vol.1

newsinglesThe first in the series, this will include a list of upcoming singles, ranging from Folk to Punk.

FineFrenzyBlow Away – A Fine Frenzy [Download]
Ditching the opaque somber sound of her debut album to a more upbeat, folksy  sound similar to that of Colbie Cailat. This is her lead single from her upcoming album titled Bomb in a Birdcage which follows her debut’s title trend (One Cell in the Sea). The album is set for a September release, so.. mark your calenders.

KristinaGoodbye – Kristina DeBarge [Download]
The single is already making big jumps on the charts, it’s very similar to Rihanna, Jordin Sparks, and the likes. There is no denying that the song is, ahem, catchy, very catchy actually.
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SOTD: Quicksand – Kate Walsh

KateWalshSong: Quicksand
Artist: Kate Walsh
Album: Clocktower Park
In short: The best Kate Walsh song pre-Tim’s House.

Quicksand – Kate Walsh [Download]

nuLike: She Is Love – Parachute

ParaI have always had a soft spot for punk-bands, ones that annunciate not scream. I love Mayday Parade the most, they’re probably my favorite punk-band. I have recently come across this song, courtesy of Parachute (a band I have never heard about), and the song is just beautiful. It’s nothing too special, it’s very simple actually, but there’s just something undeniably charming about its simplicity.

She Is Love – Parachute [Download]

Song Of The Day

MattSong: Still
Artist: Matt Nathanson
Album: Some Mad Hope
In short: I love Matt’s voice and music. This song is bound to grow on you if you let it. “Memories are strong enough, to come on and drive me wild. Come on and drive me wild” i love that last part.

Still – Matt Nathanson [Download]

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