Game: Bioshock Infinite

Before watching the video, I want you to remember all of your favorite shooters…. You did? Okay, now I want you to imagine them all as one big, epic giant… Good? Alright, now I want you to personify Bioshock: Infinite and imagine it wiping the floor with that epic giant, that’s how good this game looks. This 15 minute-long gameplay demo is better than all shooters combined. Words don’t cut it, watch the video to understand EXACTLY what I’m talking about. It’s the Avatar of video games.

Black Wii to be released in Japan

nintendo-black-wii-video-game-consoleThe Nintendo Wii is the last console to covert colors, after the Xbox 360’s black Elite edition, and the silver PS3. The Wii is set to take over in stellar glossy black. It’s set to release in Japan on August 1st.

A trip down memory lane

5114_1019518024663_1726532121_36036_5474163_nThere is this group in Facebook that has a lot of pictures related to our (most of us) childhood, it’s bound to get you nostalgic and all

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Change Is Gonna Come

SCHOOL BUS 2.jpgA few days ago, it hit me like a big yellow school bus, that this blog is MINE. I was keeping it for music/movies/tv strictly (well, almost), but there’s nothing that tells me that it’s all I should write about it. It’s my space, my place, I can write about anything I want, so therefor, forget the mostly-music orientation of the blog, and be ready to see much more. Of course music will still be dominant, because it is my passion after all, but there’s going to be more other exciting beginnings, and no endings to any of the posts you’re used to, and love.

For the heck of it:
Change Is Gonna Come – Aretha Franklin [Download]

Review: Resident Evil 5

I haven’t finished the game yet, but played the first chapter, and it is FINE. It’s like a much better RE4. The graphics are nothing short of amazing, the controls as well. There really isn’t much for me to say at this point other than if you’re a fan, go get your hands on it, and get hooked. One bad thing about the game [from my perspective] is that it became more of a thriller-adventure type game, not horror. I used to get scared shitless when my big brother used to play the first one, and yes, I know I was younger, but still, this has lost the feeling of “horror”, but it still is a great game, and seems to have lots of re-playability value.



Resident Evil 5 demo reviewed.

Prominent Videogames’ blog Joystiq reviewed the demo for the upcoming Resident Evil game, which’ll be released in 2009, from the looks of it, it’s 10x better than previous games in the series, excluding RE4, and twice as fun as the latter. A picture’s worth a thousand words, and a video’s worth a thousand image, so.. yep! [Link]

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