Louboutin for Ladurée

laduree-louboutinMerging women’s favorite two things (Shoes and Sweets) seems like the perfect idea to boost sales. It’s been done numerous times before, but this time it’s more special. The two partnering names can both hold their own, and both are the leaders in their field.

louboutin-ladureeStarting September 11 a series of boxes of Ladurée macarons illustrated with the iconic shoes will go on sale for $16 for a box of six.
These boxes are sexy as hell.


Ordinary plane?

5701862This is an antique plane that got a makeover, and a little more than that. Take a peek after the cut to see what I’m talking about

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Pyramid Watermelons

watermelonI want to make a human shaped one, and cannibalize it.

Gadgets: Bang & Olufsen’s BeoTime

beotimeB&O have always designed the best looking gadgets, whether audio or video devices, anything by them is automatically “BEAUTIFUL”. This time around they’re releasing an alarm clock in the shape of a flute, it has three display screens to show the current time, the alarm time, and which source would be used to rouse you. Here’s the quotation I’m too lazy to summarize:
There’s also an optional wall-bracket, to which the BeoTime magnetically clips.
Picking it up, a tilt-sensor turns the BeoTime into a remote control, with the displays now switching to indicate which source is being managed.
Expect to pick up the BeoTime later this August for $37

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My future bedroom!

presotto_170709_01I love love love love love this. It looks refreshing! (although the bed is a bit small)

Funky: T.I.M. Office Calender

Cal3This is one funky calender, eh? Here’s the quoted description “T.I.M. (Translucence Towering Minimize), A Compositional Calendar System, this piece is made out of wood with what look like stencil-cut numbers to denote the current month and day.” He’s only 21 years old and is currently finishing up his BFA at Memphis College of Art, so be sure to keep an eye out for him in the near future.”
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Icon play

Daria on DVD!

DariaFans of Daria can now rejoice for there will be a DVD release of the show almost 12 years since the first episode aired. There was an ad promoting Daria hitting DVD in 2010 at the begging of the newly released DVD of the long awaited MTV original The State. Above is Daria’s screencap.

Keira Knightley’s new dazzling Coco Mademoiselle Ad

keiraknightleychanel1I happen to think she’s one of the most beautiful women on earth. I’d taker her over a siamese twin fusion of Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. Did I mention that she’s my favorite actress? Yes.

Adorable: Betty White on Craig Ferguson

She is the most adorable lady ever. I love her, I love her, I love her!

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