Magnet of the Day

I’m an avid magnet collector, have been doing so for some time, and now has a huge wall full of them, and I didn’t even go half of the places I want to see.
‘t you’re following me on Instagram (@Fhaid), you’d recognize the MOTD series, so far only two magnets were posted.

I’ll be posting the magnet pictures on both the blog and Instagram.

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Well, I won’t make this long, so:

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Neurosis: The iTunes Complex

Picture 2Us music lovers differ on our complexes, some can’t enjoy a song without having all of the album, some just can’t listen to anything that has a Bit Rate quality less than 192 Kbps, some refuses to add a song to their library when its artwork is unavailable…etc. and the list goes on. I can happily/sadly say that I have all of these symptoms. I can’t enjoy a certain song if I couldn’t find an artwork (this is more common with arabic songs than english ones), and sometimes I end up either deleting the song, or creating an artwork with our lovely friend Photoshop. Anything below 192 kbps is noise to my ears, granted there are some songs that are -128 kbps somewhere in my library, but most of them are from the Kazaa age. I don’t know if there are other people who suffer the same complex. I’ll leave you with snapshots of my loving library.
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News: Premature baby declared dead, found alive!

261392SmallParaguay: A premature baby declared dead after only a few hours after his birth. His father opened the coffin to bid farewell to find him… breathing! This is horrible, really really horrible. Read full story at the source.

Makes you think of the MANY cases other babies were declared dead without anyone checking back.

POM: Honesty

TruthWe always hear that honesty is the way, the key to everlasting relationships and/or friendships, and so on. But is it really the key?

I am an advocate of honesty, most of the time I’m too honest that it gets to into troubles, which really puzzles me; Should I be honest? should I not be honest?

The most crucial thing about this whole riddle is knowing when to and not to be honest. While most of it boils down to the person in question, it partly has to do with the way you “lay it down”.
I know for a fact that most of the times people ask your opinion on something, they want you to choose the answer they want to hear, even if it’s not the one you’d choose. For example, when someone asks you “Do you miss me?” what other than “YES” could you possibly say? Really. IF you don’t miss them, they’d still want to hear you say “YES I DO”, it just makes them feel better even if they know you don’t but having said yes makes all the difference, which is idiotic.

It’s a very confusing world, with many personalities, many patterns, and no one can keep track of everything. This is why I say honesty IS the key, no matter what the consequences are, because in the end people around you will know you were being honest, and most importantly you’ll feel better by just being honest.

I’ll leave you with this gem of a song. Truthfully by Brandy:
Well when they lie
They have to lie again
‘Cause the lying never ends

Even if you don’t believe
You will always hear the truth
Come from me
(Baby) I’ll never lie
And you’re the reason why
I will always tell the truth
Cause the truth resides in me

Truthfully – Brandy [Download]

Gallery: The Invasion of Kuwait

image003Below is a gallery full of pictures of our beloved Kuwait circa 1990-1991, the effects and aftereffect of the Iraqi invasion 😦

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POM: Got ‘roids?

20080606_steroiduser2I’m starting to think steroid are being sold everywhere, to everyone. Because believe it or not, people in Kuwait are abusing steroids as much as they’re doing Polos and A&F tees. It might actually be “Buy one Polo tee and get a free steroids injection!“. Now don’t get me wrong, not all and sundry are on steroids, but those who’re “using” are starting to look more obvious the more they shoot up their system. What’s wrong with the old fashioned way? Hit the gym three-four times a week, and get results in 4-5 months time? I guess waiting is passé. Oh well, we all know the dangers of steroids, if you don’t, google it.

Keira Knightley’s new dazzling Coco Mademoiselle Ad

keiraknightleychanel1I happen to think she’s one of the most beautiful women on earth. I’d taker her over a siamese twin fusion of Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. Did I mention that she’s my favorite actress? Yes.

POM: Adolescent Adults

balloonAge is the first and main determinant of a person’s wisdom, you see someone who is 30, and another who’s 20, you’ll automatically assume that the 30 year-old is wiser, and more knowledgeable, which is not always the case, sadly. You’d think as people grow, their minds grow along. Even though I know it exists, and now more than ever, it always astonish me to see people much older than me act like “tweens“. Why is that? It most certainly is not self-refusal to grow up while growing old, because to themselves, they are full grown women/men, mind, body, and soul. I for one love having intellectual conversations, ones that I come out from wiser and with more knowledge, which very much is why all of my friends are older than me by 3 years at the very least. I wish there was a faultless method of measuring one’s wisdom, because age is not one, obviously.
It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.“-Walter Lippman

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