LV Speedy Concept Store in Selfridges

speedy-concept-store-selfrdigesTo join Selfridges’ celebration of its 100th anniversary, LV revamped their booth, with a look back at its speedy bag line, as well as giving costumers a chance to buy product, and even customize it.

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A trip down memory lane

5114_1019518024663_1726532121_36036_5474163_nThere is this group in Facebook that has a lot of pictures related to our (most of us) childhood, it’s bound to get you nostalgic and all

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World’s First Weightless Wedding

space-wedding-468x349The science fiction loving couple paid more £10,000 to have their wedding on a converted boeing 727 jet that simulates the zero gravity experienced by astronauts on space walks.

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V Magazine Summer Swimsuit Issue

large-66 of the most iconic models of our time grace this issue’s 6 different covers!

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Louis Vuitton to launches graphite USB Key

damiergraphiteusbkey-468x311What you need to know. Capacity? 4GB. Price? $450.
If you ever get this, frame it, hang it, and never use it. You may lose it somewhere and be very very sorry! It will be sold on their website.

Change Is Gonna Come

SCHOOL BUS 2.jpgA few days ago, it hit me like a big yellow school bus, that this blog is MINE. I was keeping it for music/movies/tv strictly (well, almost), but there’s nothing that tells me that it’s all I should write about it. It’s my space, my place, I can write about anything I want, so therefor, forget the mostly-music orientation of the blog, and be ready to see much more. Of course music will still be dominant, because it is my passion after all, but there’s going to be more other exciting beginnings, and no endings to any of the posts you’re used to, and love.

For the heck of it:
Change Is Gonna Come – Aretha Franklin [Download]

Motors: Porsche Design Fearless 28 Yacht

porsche-fearless-28-yachtjpgYou can buy ME.. or yourself one for a cheap 87,000 KD here.

Apparel: Kanye’s Pricey Ugliness


adj. ug·li·er, ug·li·est
1. Displeasing to the eye; unsightly.

In other words, Kanye’s new LV shoe line. Apparently Ugliness comes with a price, check out the images below with the prices.

2uj1ddxjpgUgly shoe #1 – $870

10ftglzjpgUgly shoe #2 – $870

156z3tyjpgUgly shoe #3 – $870

Ugly-but-kinda-ok shoe #4 – $870

Fugly shoe #5 – $960

Fugly shoe #6 – $990

Fugly shoe #7 – $990

Fugly shoe #8 – $1140

Pretty Picture


Cakes Vol.1

2wdvza9jpgMiley Cyrus gone wrong

mulan-01jpgThis looks more like a painting than a cake, pretty.

theme_birthday_cake_01jpgGeeky cake, LOTR obviously.

9k34v7jpgTori, is that you?

k51klfjpgFor the “Twilighters”, I really really like the second one, in case you didn’t figure it out, it has the “items/pictures” found on the cover of each book.

coolest-belle-cake-11-35283jpgPretty Belle.

creative_cakes_02jpgFollow the rainbow to a pot o’ gold.

family-guy-picture-02jpgfamily-guy-picture-03jpg This is what I want for my birthday, except Vanilla instead of chocolate, thanks.

2iuqrvbjpg1The Jonas Brothers approve of this post.

1zya5asjpg1This is perfect minus the stupid writing, I want to do it for a friend, you know who you are.

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