Apparel: Missoni & Converse Chuck Taylors

Continuing their design partnership, Missoni and Converse have unveiled the latest addition of their tight-knitted family. Converse’s Chuck Taylor High Tops get the high-end treatment with the Missoni’s Auckland Racer print. The beauty of the shoe is the well-integrated royal blue leather accent, it makes all the difference.

Art: The Archipod

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While the design isn’t revolutionary, it still is remarkable, and undoubtedly beautiful to look at. It’s a home office outside your house, if you know… it’s too crowded to spare a desk or two. For more eye candy and all the extra details, click here.

iLike: Ricci Ricci

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I can’t help but love perfume ads. Maybe it’s because of the music, the hot model, or the indirect messages in said ads. Ricci Ricci is the latest in the long-running line of Nina Ricci perfumes. There was a time when I overdosed on their ciggie-tinted Memoir D’Homme cologne, too bad it’s no where to be found today.

iWant: Ralph Lauren Scuderia Tote

RLSBagHow beautiful is that bag?

Louboutin for Ladurée

laduree-louboutinMerging women’s favorite two things (Shoes and Sweets) seems like the perfect idea to boost sales. It’s been done numerous times before, but this time it’s more special. The two partnering names can both hold their own, and both are the leaders in their field.

louboutin-ladureeStarting September 11 a series of boxes of Ladurée macarons illustrated with the iconic shoes will go on sale for $16 for a box of six.
These boxes are sexy as hell.

Bambi styled campaign by Stella McCartney

stella_mccartneyCute, no? Yes.

My future bedroom!

presotto_170709_01I love love love love love this. It looks refreshing! (although the bed is a bit small)

Funky: T.I.M. Office Calender

Cal3This is one funky calender, eh? Here’s the quoted description “T.I.M. (Translucence Towering Minimize), A Compositional Calendar System, this piece is made out of wood with what look like stencil-cut numbers to denote the current month and day.” He’s only 21 years old and is currently finishing up his BFA at Memphis College of Art, so be sure to keep an eye out for him in the near future.”
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Marion Cotillard as Lady Dior

ladyrougeOne of my favourite actresses ever, Ms. Cotillard is set to dazzle the fashion world in Paris’ fashion week this October.
The next chapter in the Lady Dior advertising saga, sees the Oscar-winning actress continuing her adventures, this time in New York City as “Lady Red.

Viktoriya Sasonkina’s gorgeous photoshoot by Steven Meisel

stevenmeisel13Check a truckload of pictures of the B-EA-U-TI-FUL Viktoriya Sasonkina behind the jump, she’s GORGEOUS! DO CHECK THEM OUT, she’s the epitome of classiness and beauty!

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