Magnet of the Day

I’m an avid magnet collector, have been doing so for some time, and now has a huge wall full of them, and I didn’t even go half of the places I want to see.
‘t you’re following me on Instagram (@Fhaid), you’d recognize the MOTD series, so far only two magnets were posted.

I’ll be posting the magnet pictures on both the blog and Instagram.

The first magnet I posted about is a special one, because it features my favorite cartoon growing up, الـرغـيف العـجيب, aka Soreike! Anpanman, which holds a very dear place in my heart.
The magnet features الـرغيـف and its nemeses,  قـط الـبكتيريـا… I never thought the nemeses’ name is hilarious until I just typed it up.

The second posted magnet is of Milano’s famous duomo. The pop-up magnet is designed very neatly and easily stand out amongst other landmark magnets.

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