WTF: Aids Is A Mass Murderer Campaign

Picture 4I will not say anything other than WHAT THE FUCK?
Check after the jump for the very graphic Hitler video

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16 thoughts on “WTF: Aids Is A Mass Murderer Campaign

    • It’s not smart, it’s not nice, it’s not even funny. They need to keep in mind that not everyone who has AIDS was having countless of polygamous sex.
      It’s derogatory as well.

  1. The ad exhibits lack of education and decency.. It was only provoking attention and nothing else whatsoever!

    I don’t think that’s how children in Africa got AIDS…

  2. I dont think they meant it as u get AIDS by having “polygamous sex”, they r describing it ss something dangerous thats killing people rapidly, just like a Mass Murderer (Hitler, Saddam in this case) does..

  3. That was awesome. Very clever. It’s not derogatory anymore than lectures about the Holocaust are derogatory to the Jewish people.

  4. LOL i had the exact same reaction !!! i said “WHAT THE FUCK” out load !!!
    i’m really glad that it is not only me that feels the THAT way about this AD 😀

  5. Greetings
    My name is Vander, live in Brazil, and would like to give my opinion about this subject!
    I think that what missed to REGENBOGEN, was to report why they think AIDS is a mass murderer!
    Because is Obviously that some way, there are a truth in what they say!
    Let’s to use an example that I’m sure is real!
    I do not understand why a disease that according with WHO, killed only 11,516 people in the world, I speak about the swine flu or H1N1, has been treated by the earth’s population with a concern bordering madness!
    And AIDS, which will be one of reasons of the extinction of the human race on planet Earth, is treating as a harmless thing by the same people!
    Why this reversal of values?
    Why so much concern with useless things?
    Why such a lack of zeal, with the serious and good things?
    Is the terrestrial humanity crazy?
    Does have terrestrial humanity lost theirs souls?
    I think that the irresponsibility of this mankind, need to end, because this planet can’t stand anymore such a lot of crimes that people are making against themselves.
    Is it good to mankind, to live sick?
    Is it good living with half heart? Half lung? Half liver? Half kidney? Or maybe half brain?
    Yes: half brain! Because the missing of responsibility of this mankind has this reason: GO ON LIVING WITH HALF BRAIN, and in consequence … with no souls!
    That’s why I’ve made this little movie: AIDS – THE TRUE REALITY! It’s in
    It’s a complement of REGENBOGEN campaign.
    It shows and explains what is missing in REGENBOGEN movie.
    It shows why AIDS IS A MASS MURDERER!
    Watch it to see the proposals.

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