SOTD: T.O.N.Y. – Solange

3 Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. DreamsSong:  T.O.N.Y.
Artist: Solange
Album: Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams
Genre: Funk/Pop
In short: Solange’s sophomore album triumphs Big Sis Beyoncé’s same-year album in every aspect. It’s far more adventurous, sophisticated and cohesive. “T.O.N.Y.” is a classic-sounding song brought to life with a very modern attitude, and the goods to back it up.

T.O.N.Y. – Solange [Download]


7 thoughts on “SOTD: T.O.N.Y. – Solange

  1. I LOVE this song, and i love Solange and her album is really nice and very different from whats out there! Deserved more commercial success, although i disagree with some of what u said, i thnk u know shno!! 😡

  2. Not that much into this song (although it is great!) but I recently got to love the Groove Police Radio Edit of Would’ve been the one. So much love. ♥ Do you now that one (you prob do, you know everything XD)?

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