POM: Got ‘roids?

20080606_steroiduser2I’m starting to think steroid are being sold everywhere, to everyone. Because believe it or not, people in Kuwait are abusing steroids as much as they’re doing Polos and A&F tees. It might actually be “Buy one Polo tee and get a free steroids injection!“. Now don’t get me wrong, not all and sundry are on steroids, but those who’re “using” are starting to look more obvious the more they shoot up their system. What’s wrong with the old fashioned way? Hit the gym three-four times a week, and get results in 4-5 months time? I guess waiting is passé. Oh well, we all know the dangers of steroids, if you don’t, google it.


5 thoughts on “POM: Got ‘roids?

  1. lol…lil2asaf 7attan il shay il zain (lifting weights) ligaw 6aree8a ‘3ala6 feeh oo ga3deen isawoonha (steroids) … ana widdi a3arif itha il banat 9ij they fall for it?!

  2. Steroids are very bad. That guy in the picture is Greg Valentino. Look up “The man whose arms exploded” on Youtube. It’s a documentary about what steroids really do to the human body. Very interesting.

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