POM: Adolescent Adults

balloonAge is the first and main determinant of a person’s wisdom, you see someone who is 30, and another who’s 20, you’ll automatically assume that the 30 year-old is wiser, and more knowledgeable, which is not always the case, sadly. You’d think as people grow, their minds grow along. Even though I know it exists, and now more than ever, it always astonish me to see people much older than me act like “tweens“. Why is that? It most certainly is not self-refusal to grow up while growing old, because to themselves, they are full grown women/men, mind, body, and soul. I for one love having intellectual conversations, ones that I come out from wiser and with more knowledge, which very much is why all of my friends are older than me by 3 years at the very least. I wish there was a faultless method of measuring one’s wisdom, because age is not one, obviously.
It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.“-Walter Lippman


7 thoughts on “POM: Adolescent Adults

  1. I’ve always been amazed by those people, how they can be too old and still act so young and childish ! What amazes me the most, is that throughout the years they haven’t learned !
    BTW, loved the quote !

  2. interesting thought, I had a similar question in mind but rather as: should I respect my older thoughts just as I am to my recent ones given that I must be now more wiser.. Sometimes I believe so but sometimes I just feel that we are not getting any better but rather we are just being different because our life doesn’t unfold for the better but it certainly becoming different, ain’t so?

    thanks 🙂

    • This is very well written, I agree with you, we’re not getting any better (most of the time), but we mo certainly are becoming different. I guess we should stop becoming and start BEing. Oh and thanks for passing by 😉

  3. While I do relate and agree with your point of view; if age is not a determent of wisdom, then what’s the significance of pointing out that your friends are older? It sort of contradicts the point you’re trying to make, seeing as a 20 year old could be a much more influential additive to an intellectual conversation than someone 10 years older.

    I believe wisdom comes from careful observation, trial and error as well as life experiences. These people may have aged, but they have not necessary grown.

    • Age is most definitely not a determinant of wisdom, that’s exactly what I said. But I mentioned that most of my friends are older than me to show that age is not a measure of wisdom, because if it was then I wouldn’t have probably became friends with them.

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