SOTD: Make Me Whole – Amel Larrieux

MakeMeWholeSong: Make Me Whole
Artist: Amel Larrieux
Album: Infinite Possibilities
In short: A beautifully harmonious love song with passionate lyrics “Your eyes are the windows to heaven/Your smile could heal a million souls/Your love completes my existence/You’re the other half that makes me whole”.

Make Me Whole – Amel Larrieux [Download]

Review: Maxwell’s BLACKsummers’night

1246514953_coverArtist: Maxwell
Album: BLACKsummers’night
Release date: July 7
Label: Columbia, Sony

Maxwell, the alpha male of neo-soul, returns to bless us with his BLACKsummers’night, the sensuous opening installment of the artist’s monumental BLACKSUMMERS’NIGHT trilogy. The trilogy’s subsequent chapters, blackSUMMERS’night and blacksummers’NIGHT, are slated for release in 2010 and 2011 respectively. This album is exactly what the industry needs right now; real music, real emotions, and most importantly no vocoder, or throwaway beats.

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Sound Off: Kelly Clarkson’s Already Gone vs. Beyoncé’s Halo

After Kelly Clarkson said “Ryan and I met each other at the record label, before he was working with anyone else. He’s from Oklahoma, I’m from Texas; we got along really well and had some of the same influences. We wrote about six songs together, four or five of them made the album. It was all fine and dandy. I’d never heard of a song called Halo. Her album came out when my album was already being printed. No-one’s gonna be sittin’ at home, thinking ‘Man, Ryan Tedder gave Beyonce and Kelly the same track to write to.’ No, they’re just gonna be saying I ripped someone off. I called Ryan and said, ‘I don’t understand. Why would you do that?

Ryan Tedder recently said “Already Gone” is one of the best song I’ve written or produced since “Bleeding Love” and stands tall on it’s own merits apart from “Halo”. They are two entirely different songs conceptually, melodically, & lyrically and I would never try to dupe an artist such as Kelly Clarkson or Beyoncé into recording over the same musical track, the idea is both hurtful & absurd. I think when people hear “Already Gone” they will hear what I hear-one of the greatest female vocalists on earth giving her most haunting and heart-breaking performance on a song she helped write. I challenge people to listen and form their own opinions“.

I personally think they don’t sound THAT similar to each other, but all of Tedder’s productions sound alike. But I can see why Kelly would be mad, she raved about Already Gone before her or Beyoncé’s album were released, and was very proud of her work with Tedder.

Prontopay: Life is easier

IMG00765-20090705-1006Are you a Viva user? Zain? Wataniya? well, for the latter two it wouldn’t be of much difference since you can pay online. But our dear Viva (my internet provider) doesn’t offer online payment, so you’d have to go to one of their branches to pay. Imagine my surprise when I was walking in our university (KU) and I find this machine. It’s been there for ages, but I never cared to see what it does. Anyways, here’s a picture (below) that shows brand options, from Zain to CashU.
IMG00764-20090705-1006It’s cool isn’t it? I don’t have to go their branch to pay my bills. It’ll do until they launch their online payment service.

Remixtation: In For The Kill – La Roux

LaRouxSkream’s Let Get Ravey Remix takes the song to another level, on it’s own. It takes off the punchy beats, and replaces them with an eerie music that suprisingly work well for the song. If you loved the original one but got bored of it, this is for you.

In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey) – La Roux [Download]


vol3Here’re volumes 1 and 2 if you’ve missed them.
Click on the movie’s name to get to its trailer.
My picks are: Shutter Island (A movie by Scorsese starring Leo DiCaprio), 2012, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Sorority Row, Sherlock Holmes, The Princess and the Frog, Precious, The Final Destination, Jennifer’s Body, The Collector, The Box and Brothers.


inglourious_basterds_ver6inglourious_basterds_ver7inglourious_basterds_ver15Inglorious  Basterds

woman_in_berlin_ver2A Woman In Berlin

white_on_riceWhite On Rice

veronika_decides_to_dieVeronika Decides To Die


time_travelers_wife_ver2The Time Traveler’s Wife


stripped_downStripped Down

sorority_rowSorority Row

shutter_islandShutter Island

sherlockholmes-3sherlockholmes-2sherlock_holmes_ver3Sherlock Holmes

saw_viSaw VI

rock_slydeRock Slyde

princess_and_the_frogThe Princess And The Frog

prince_of_persia_the_sands_of_timeThe Prince of Persia

precious_ver2Precious (The Oprah produced Mariah Carey movie)

ninja_assassinNinja Assassin

nightmare_on_elm_streetNightmare On Elm Street

jonah_hexJonah Hex

jennifers_body_ver2Jennifer’s Body

i_can_do_bad_all_by_myself_ver2I Can Do Bad All By Myself

girl_cut_in_two_ver3The Girl Cut In Two

final_destinationThe Final Destination


collectorThe Collector
district_nine_ver3District 9

cold_soulsCold Souls

christmas_carolA Christmas Carol


cabin_in_the_woodsThe Cabin In The Woods


box_ver2The Box

blue_tooth_virginThe Bluetooth Virgin

Ordinary plane?

5701862This is an antique plane that got a makeover, and a little more than that. Take a peek after the cut to see what I’m talking about

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Pyramid Watermelons

watermelonI want to make a human shaped one, and cannibalize it.

SOTD: Paparazzi – Lady GaGa

lady-gaga-the-fame-coverSong: Paparazzi
Artist: Lady GaGa
Album: The Fame
In short: Forget all you know about Poker Facing and Dancing, Lady Gaga’s latest single is a monster of a song, a lush monster if I may add. Different than her previous RedOne helmed singles, Paparazzi adds more substance to the enigma that is Gaga.

Paparazzi – Lady GaGa [Download]

Bambi styled campaign by Stella McCartney

stella_mccartneyCute, no? Yes.

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