List: UK Girlbands Guide, vol.1

GBANDWhenever someone mentions the word girlband, the first thing that must come to your mind is.. well, Spice Girls. The UK have always been the place-to-be if you’re an aspiring girlband, after all, the UK spawned two of the most successful girlbands of our time, Sugababes and Girls Aloud. The success of those two caused the origination of many girlbands, some stayed, some dissolved. I consider UK’s girlbands a dominant players in Pop music, and as a pop lover, I can’t help but love them, maybe some more so than others. I’ve compiled some of my favorite songs of each of the two prominent girlbands, one song from each album. Don’t be fooled by the term “girlband”, they deliver the goods, trust.


[From their debut album, One Touch]
I was breathing cause that’s what the gauge was indicating

Just Don’t Need This
[sophomore album, Angels With Dirty Faces, Siobhan (above: left) left the group. Heidi (above: second to right) joins the group]
I’ll go wherever I know you won’t go, I don’t have to tango with your ego, and it’s because I said so.
The way i’m feeling now is mental, the problem first starts in your dental

[third album, Three.]
Ice, cool, won’t melt me down.
Buster I’ve seen your type around, your sting, you know you it can’t get me home, no!

[fourth album, Taller In More Ways.]
You’re chasing I’m running, the weapons keep coming.
Don’t do it I’ll lose it, I’m seeing red.
I’m on low resistance, you better keep your distance, before you do something you might regret

Never Gonna Dance Again
[fifth album, Change, Mutya (above: second to left) left the group, Amelle (above: right) joins the group]
I’m getting down but the rhythm’s all wrong, the record goes around, they’re playing our song
I gave into the groove but it’s giving me pain, there’s nothing you can do for me, Mr. DJ

Unbreakable Heart
[sixth album, Catfights & Spotlights]
If I walk through my whole life, choosing the safe side, and staying smart
I’ll miss out on the real thing, it’s all or it’s nothing, that’s why it hurts
What good is an unbreakable heart?


AloudGirls Aloud

No Good Avice
[From their debut album, Sound Of The Underground]
But I dig the music that i’m making, baby,
and I’ll break it into your brain

Graffiti My Soul
[From their sophomore album,
What Will The Neighbours Say?]
I need a walking talking mannequin, that simply folds away
and never questions anything I’ve got to say

[From their third album,
You can’t mistake my biology

Call The Shots
[From their fourth album,
Tangled Up]
Just ’cause you’re raising the bet and call the shots now for me,
It really doesn’t faze me how you spend your time

Rolling Back The Rivers In Time
[From their fifth album,
Out Of Control]
I’d rather wait forever, than never have it all


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