A trip down memory lane

5114_1019518024663_1726532121_36036_5474163_nThere is this group in Facebook that has a lot of pictures related to our (most of us) childhood, it’s bound to get you nostalgic and all

*click on the images to enlarge them*


8 thoughts on “A trip down memory lane

  1. lool athkir the theme song was ” NA7NO ELFAWAKA……” Ba3dain mathkir!
    o ba3ad athker kan 3endena al3abhom!!

  2. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WALA almost ALL of them i’ve experianced as a child!!!!!!! 7ad OMA trip down memory lane!!

    OMG il7i9in and the crystal maze!! How awesome were these shows bak then!!
    And ALL the cartoons above i used to watch!! ALLA! babcy!! 😦
    oohh and the popeye candy o the al3ab kan 3indy nafsa!!!
    o that thng that u do between the door, i used to do that too!!!!!!!!!! OMG I WAS NORMAL !!!!!!

    • LOOL!! Ee you were normal, especially the between-the-door thingy movement, EVERYBODY did it lol!!

      Glad you liked the post, I miss il7e9in and Crystal Maze!!!

    • LOOL madri laish akthar shay athkira is the stupid sharpener-mirror, I remember we used to take off the mirror and hide the sharpener underneath our tshirt and stick the mirror to it from over the tee. It would look like we have a mirror brouche lol

  3. Crystal Maze on KTV2 o I think il7i9in was Thursday mornings before going to grandma’s house for lunch 😛 Yes we were all normal!

    And yea I too used to do the door thing and cartwheels and many other stunts…. but not anymore 😦

    Thanks for the post 😉

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