POM: Masquerade

masquerade_by_zilla774Piece of Mind is a “section” where i’ll write my pieces of mind, what’s bothering me, what’s making me happy..etc.
Masks, not only worn for Halloween. We encounter countless of masks each and every day each and everywhere. Why do some people feel the need to mask their identity to get by in this society? masking it either by looks, acts, or accessories even. Social events, public places, grocery stores, universities, and even gymnasiums are becoming unofficial masquerades with smiles for masks. I’m all for smiles, and being a better person, but what I don’t get is, why when someone you see always smiling, turn into a monster (above) when the lights go out (metaphorically and literally). Firstly, I have seen an awful lot of people in malls, colleagues or old friends at best, run into each other and smile, hug and kiss, but once the leave, they’re facial expression changes dramatically, to an expression of detestation. Secondly, people alter a lot about themselves to adapt to our society, to the point that they’re no recognizable as individuals, they’re just clones of the majority, and when a trend erupts it outpours, whether it’s clothes, places, devices..etc. In conclusion, this is just a piece of my mind, and I hate to see the clones a majority and the individuals a minority.


9 thoughts on “POM: Masquerade

  1. ok,i constantly used to feel this way and sort of still do. i totally fell your sentiment but that’s how people are, a lot of people i’ve found out are scared to b themselves for one reason or another so they put on this facade that i guess works for the masses, it’s like main stream music, i’m just tired of it. it hurts though, when u get to know someone and then they just expose themselves and it’s like…. wtf??? your so taken aback by things that it’s crazy… anyway, “the gossip” can help lol, i’m listening to “four letter word” on their new album “music for men” and also “listen up” it’s really a good song and i think pertains to the sitution at hand and its off their album “standing in the way of control”…. love your blog since the last one, this one has so many different features now, sorry for the lil rant but i barely comment and jus thought i should.

    • Yes, I totally agree with you, the question is why did we (society in general) force people to hate or be afraid of being their true selves? Pretending could only get them so far, but it will not last forever.

      And I totally wholeheartedly love your “mainstream music” theory. I have known some people whom I thought were “a breath of fresh air” but oh well.

      I love Beth Ditto and The Gossip, I have yet to hear the new album, but I love the ones before it, my personal favorite is “Coal To Diamonds”.

      Lastly, thank you very much for your insights, and hope to see more around here throwing in your 2 cents (which feel like 2k :p)

      • & i’m back, ok i totally get u! I Live in NYC and also have been going to school here all my life.. That being said, i can say that i run into so called “posers” everyday, not just in the sense of outward appearance but inside also, people are afraid of being picked on due to some issue they think they have that most likely wouldn’t matter to anyone but them. it’s sad, why live a lie but then again, i think that they think it’s fun because now they fit the mold of cool.

        Then we have those that like to act differently towards every peer group they come into contact…. why??? i ask this, why lie to me from the start.. i mean, i can already see through your facade. People would do anything for a good social rep i guess.
        & i used to always be the one that can talk to anyone but people started taking my niceness and running with it and i’ve had so many situations where friends would try to violate and then i started to become cold and introverted but now i have a close group of friends (about 8 people) and i’m good.
        i can’t handle too many personalities anymore, it’s hard work!

      • I agree with 110% with every point written. I think having a small group of friends is the best thing to do. Many people want a lot of connection, and have many friends, but at the end, no close friends.. which is really sad.

        I now have a close group of 6-9 friends that I fully trust and know, no masks whatsoever, at least I hope so lol.

  2. The reason being for such people to mask their identities is because of our incepting society. In our society, people are judged by other people, and so some people need to use such masks to be accepted by the general population.

    • Exactly, what made the society at large judge by looks, appearances, and whatnot when we ALL know that it could all be fabricated? We all know better than to judge by looks, but no matter how loud you scream this, they’ll still do it within a blink of an eye, which is really depressing! I have met many people that wouldn’t have been “accepted” by general population that I think are 100 times better than half of the population, but it saddens me that those people mask themselves when going out just to.. get by.

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