Zain Create: The Middle Eastern iTunes?

ZainCreateOk so here’s the low down, we’ve all seen the annoying ads where the tiny skinny guy pops up in video clips of Elissa, Asalah..etc. (Rotana artist..).
I didn’t know what it was exactly, and thought it was a service where you send a message to a number and receive a ringtone. I was wrong.
It’s a website, similar to iTunes (except it’s not an application) where you can preview and purchase music content by most Rotana artists. It’s in its infant/baby stages, and hopefully the best is yet to come. Prices? To purchase a single song, it’ll cost you 300 fils, and a full album is 1.400 KD (as opposed to the 1.500 KD physical copy, booklet and all). I think it’s a tiny bit overpriced, they should cut it to atleast 1 KD, since getting the content for free is a click away. The price gap between the actual and virtual copy should be well more than 100 fils. Why Zain Create? well, apparently they signed a deal with Rotana to have exclusive material which is not available elsewhere. Selected songs from yet-to-be released album are for sale at 500 fils a track, and that’s their “competitive advantage”. There will also be a music video download option available sometime later this year. Other features include live streaming of radio channels and Rotana channels through your laptop.
It’s a nice step towards broadening and connecting people of the middle east through the latest in the music world (even though it’s not yet available for all of the middle east). I personally can’t wait to see what’s next!

6 thoughts on “Zain Create: The Middle Eastern iTunes?

  1. I’ve tried it before, I must admit it was a really nice easy to use site !
    So I guess this is the Arabian Version of iTunes which basically makes it complete for us ! The english, western songs will be from iTunes and the Arabic ones from Zain’s Create !

  2. Very good idea, and great step forward to encourage ppl to do things legally!
    Itha they start doing the exclusive and early releases of upcoming albums i thnk it will b a success!

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