Theory: Personality Evolution

EvolutionThere is this really enjoyable article I read here, it basically boils down to saying that brain scans reveal men are tuned to external events, while women pay attention to what’s inside them. This made me think for a long time about how different men today are from men decades before. Men and women have both changed dramatically since then, but I think men changed more than women, and reading that article it made sense. The world is changing rapidly, nothing is stable anymore, there is always the “next” thing to either fear or look for. Men are more respondent to external events than women, so they’re change is more severe. Men today are nothing like those of past, not saying that this is a bad thing of course (eventhoughitkindais), but think about it, if we, men, are changing and tuning to external events, what will become of men 60 or so years to come?, when the world is very different than what it is now. Women of course are changing too, but not as vigorous as men are, that’s why you can see more resemblances in women today with those of 60 or so years ago than in men.
You can link this to many, many, many things, and you can compare people today to those before, and it’ll make more sense.
Again, this is just a matter of opinion and my whole take on the article, not solid facts, so voice your opinion and tell me your take!
ps: click on the picture to see its full size, very, very much worth it.

This all made me think of this:
Revolution In Me – Siobhán Donaghy [Download]

4 thoughts on “Theory: Personality Evolution

  1. If you are speaking with regards to gender roles, then I have to say it’s changing on both sides. The definition of a man is changing just as much as the definition of a woman is, and I think it has been going on like this since the dawn of time.

    However, I don’t think the evolutionary process is that rapid if we were to look at it from a scientific standpoint and linking it back to that article. Biologically speaking, it takes thousands of years for that sort of evolution to occur, but in terms of social evolution, it is evolving rapidly…

    • No of course both men and women are evolving as much, but maybe through different patterns with men being more outdoorsy and affect more so by the outer events, women are too, but even if you look back as far as the days of prophets, it’s mentioned that women are more emotional and that they think more with their heart than mind. I know it seems like a stereotype and something a feminist would hate to hear, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true :p

      Social evolution leads to personality evolution, what’s a society without personalities?

  2. You are so wrong Fahad! Women don’t use their heart more so than men. It only seems so because of the apparent vulnerability of a woman that makes us think that a woman is so helpless she blindly followed her heart. Women take calculated risks just like men do. Boring people use their brain exclusively. Foolish people use their hearts exclusively. The heart gives the life the meaning that makes it beautiful and worthwhile. The brain protects you from being taken advantage of. Every special person who has ever lived had a special heart and an adequate brain atleast. But it is our hearts that separate the extraordinary from the ordinary among us.

    • Hello, and thanks for visiting.

      Women do use their hearts more often, even if they hate to think that, or even if they hate to show it. They don’t blindly follow their heart at all, no one does, not men nor women. NO ONE follows either their heart or brain exclusively.

      I said that the study shows that brain scans revealed what’s written above. I think you’re right that the heart separates the extraordinary from the ordinary. I never said that a person should follow either one solely. But there should always be a good balance, and never rely on one and not the other.

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