Moviedar: The Time Traveler’s Wife

I will ALWAYS have a soft spot for Rachel McAdams, ALWAYS. Ever since Mean Girls, then The Notebook, to Red Eye and finally The Lost Ones, she’s perfected each role, and all four were so very different from one another, so I’m always excited to see a movie with her in it, never hesitate, never ever! On my watchlist this year is Sherlock Holmes as well, because of her obviously. This movie will appeal most to fans of The Notebook, from the trailer it’s a tearjerker. The movie stars Eric Bana (Troy, Munich) as the time traveler. I recommend that you watch the trailer, it’s not to be missed.


4 thoughts on “Moviedar: The Time Traveler’s Wife

  1. I wana see it!!!
    The trailer brooo7a made me tear, shloon 3ayal the whole movie!! Prepare for my numerous breakdowns!

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