Breakup Rehab

BreakupA post at Abdullah’s p0ach inspired me to write this post. I saw some “steps to get over her/him” in a magazine, and I thought I’d share the main points, with giving my own take to it, ready? here goes:

1- Keep a clean house/room: Well, this step would not necessarily apply here in Kuwait because people in relationships do not live together, unless married and that’s a whole other topic. So I’d say the first step it take everything that reminds you of her/him out of your place. Gifts, clothes, movies…etc. BUT do that only if you’re the type of person who gets nostalgic easily, who’s always reminiscing. If her/his stuff being around doesn’t affect you much, then more power to you.

2- Hide your mobile: Are you the type of person whose day revolves around a phone call? yes? ok here’s what to do, throw your phone, or keep it with one of your trusted friends, if you keep your phone by your side, you’ll always be waiting, and checking, did it ring? will she/he call? a message? an email? a facebook notification..etc. that thinking will only lower your productivity and bring you down. Think of it this way, keep in your mind that they won’t call, won’t text, won’t do anything associated with contacting you, and live your day on those basis. If they called, you’d know, and take it as a “bonus”. If not, you knew that they wouldn’t and won’t be shocked as to why they didn’t contact you, HOW DARE THEY not contact you? you’ll see.

3- Whine and moan: Here’s something fun for all of you with kept anger and a need to vent. Girls know the value of this step, guys don’t.. so go get the advantage! First of all, inform all of your close friends about this step, then take a week, one week only, to let all hell break loose, whine, moan, scream, and let all your emotions out at your friends, but don’t OVER-do it, otherwise it would turn against you. If no one is willing to be your whining counselor, you can write all of you anger on paper, it helps.

4-Hit the gym: What better revenge than looking good? you know, I know, they know it. So get going, work all the anger, disappointment, and sadness off in the gym. Do it twice a day if necessary, take kickboxing classes, martial arts, they are the perfect release for all negative energy you might conceal. This is mentioned in said magazine “When we lose people we’re attached to, two chemicals go awry in the brain – serotonin, the happy, feel-good chemical; and endorphins, the painkiller. The best way to feel better naturally is to exercise

5- Stop obsessing: Do not dwell on what you didn’t do, think of it as an experience, and most importantly don’t think about it over and over again, because in the end you’ll get defensive and say “She/He’s wrong, I’m right”

6- Stop lying to yourself: We have all heard people say things like “No one will ever love me again, no one will care about me”, that’s wrong on many levels. If Jay-Z could get Beyonce, and Jermain Dupri got Janet Jackson, believe me there’s no reason why no one would care about you. Keep in mind that if you keep the “no one will love me” attitude for long, no one will love you. So fill yourself with positive energy, optimism, and pour love to others, to receive it right back from where you might not expect.

7- Get back on the horse: Done with all the drama? this is the most fun step! Go out, look around,, meet new people, get your “eye candy” fix. You don’t have to jump into a new relationship straight away, as you all should know, being a serial monogamist is NEVER a good thing. so have fun for the mean time, and you’ll most certainly meet someone along the way that you like, and well.. it could go anywhere from there.


4 thoughts on “Breakup Rehab

  1. So do you use “half the time of the relationship to get over someone” rule or “1 week of relationship time is equivalent to one day”? 😛

    Nice post by the way 🙂

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