Video: Why R U? – Amerie

Vodpod videos no longer available.
First of all, note that Amerie’s song titles include; Hate 2 Love U, That’s What U R, and Losing U. What’s up with that? I love the girl, but that needs to stop. Her new Def-Jam born single is titled (above) Why R U? (why not “Y R U?”), produced by The Buchanans, who do a wonderful job of copying Rich Harrison (who has been missing from the last album, and no word whether he contributed to the upcoming one). The video is average, nothing special. Amerie needs to get herself out of this genre, while it works for some it usually doesn’t for most. This song sounds like it could be found on any of her previous albums, it’s still good, but not fresh or intriguing. Her new album “In Love & War” is to be released in August, and marks Amerie’s first album on the Island Def Jam label. Executive producer of the album is LA Ried (Janet’s Discipline, and Mariah’s E=MC2).
Get the song below.

Why R U? – Amerie [Download]

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