List: Summerheat, vol.1

thai-beach-1024x768.jpgI love this “list” thing, here is the first of the “Summerheat” lists/compilations. Enjoy it and give me your feedback:

BASEMENTPlug It In (Feat. JC Chasez) – Basement Jaxx [Download]
Basement Jaxx always spice up the summer, they’re essential in every summer-oriented playlist.

KelisBlindfold Me (Feat. Na$) – Kelis [Download]
Do you know this song? If you don’t then download it ASAP, it’s one of the best songs released in 2006, absolute FIRE.

MaydayWhen I Grow Up (Pussycat Dolls Cover) – Mayday Parade [Download]
The original song stormed the charts in the summer of 2008, I like this cover, it’s very original.

BrittFaster Kill Pussycat (Hip Hop Remix) – Brittany Murphy [Download]
Paul Oakenfield produced it, it more of a “Feat. Brittany Murphy”, this remix is very very summery and the song itself, if you don’t know it, is a firecracker.

ChrisTime (Feat. Chris Willis) – David Guetta [Download]
The intro sounds a lot like a RadOne/Lady Gaga production, the song itself is perfect for the summer, so.. grab it.

FantasyG Is For Girl (A-Z) – Ciara [Download]
Playful, smart, and an absolute energy-booster.

CMBe Ok (Feat. Will.I.Am) – Chrisette Michele [Download]
Found on her debut album “I Am”, a very summery track, a very clean, feel-good song. Perfect for mornings.


Nostalgia: Nasty Girl – Destiny’s Child

One of my all-time favorite songs and one of DC’s best. I love semi-breakdown at 1:40 and of course my favorite line “cleavage from here to Mexico“.
It’s the PERFECT song for the summer, you know..? They should just blast this song all over Kuwait 🙂

Nasty Girl – Destiny’s Child [Download]

Song Of The Day

krisSong: Heartless (Kanye West Cover)
Artist: Kris Allen
Album: American Idol 8: Kris Allen
In short: When I heard him say he’ll sing Heartless, I was wtf’d a bit, but I have to say he did a GREAT job, it’s even better than the original and any cover version, I didn’t know those were the lyrics of the song when Kanye sang it, so kudos Kris!

Heartless – Kris Allen [Download]

Guess Who!


Song Of The Day

LFSong: Now I’m That Bitch
Artist: Livvi Franc
Album: Now I’m That Bitch – Single
In short: A fun dance-y R&B track, sounds a lot like Rihanna. Get it, it’s fun, and the chorus is addictive.

Now I’m That Bitch – Levvi Franc [Download]

Moviedar: Nine

A new musical by the same genius who directed Chicago, and this time with an even bigger cast! Are you ready? Oscar winners: Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Penélope Cruz, Marion Cotillard and Sophia Lauren. Non-Oscar winners: Kate Hudson (why?), and Fergie. This is going to be HUGE. Thanks Milfa3 for the tip.

Lyrics: Earreading [14]

tugowar“My soul wants to go one way, but my heart and mind playing a tug of war with me baby”-Nikka Costa’s “Tug Of War

List: Live/Acoustic, vol.1

Here is a new list that I’m sure most of you will like and appreciate, hopefully. There goes:

GavinCop Stop (Live) – Gavin DeGraw [Download]
This has already been a favorite of mine when I first heard his album, and hearing it live makes it even better. Don’t miss on downloading it!

SiALentil (Live) – SiA [Download]
No matter what I say about this lady, it will still be paltry. She’s one of my all-time favorite artists.

NBPut Your Arms Around Me (Live) – Natasha Bedingfield [Download]
This is a very cute song, I love Natasha’s live performances. Her voice is not the best, but her emotions do get through.

SaraLove Song (Live) – Sara Bareilles [Download]
I like this better than the original one.

RSLive With Me (Feat. Christina Aguilera) (Live) – Rolling Stones [Download]
Fast forward to the 2:54 mark, her voice is immense.

ReginaLove Profusion (Live Madonna Cover) – Regina Spektor [Download]
I have always loved this song, Regina adds little fun to the song, I like this performance.

AWYou Know I’m No Good (Live) – Amy Winehouse [Download]
Who doesn’t love this song? One of Amy’s best.

nuLike: Battlefield – Jordin Sparks

JSJordin Sparks, winner of the 6th season of American Idol, returns to the music scene with this epic (Ryan Tedder, obviously) song that is describe by Popjustice as a “monolithic Ryan Tedder R&B extended metaphor rock power ballad”. Her debut album had some great non-idol-ic moments (Shy Boy, Freeze, Overcome, See My Side and No Air), but I won’t say that I was excited about her new single. I read the raving reviews, so I took a listen, and I loved it. Highly recommended. Get it before it goes “mainstream” and loses its feel.

Battlefield – Jordin Sparks [Download]

Remixtation: Anthonio – Annie

annieThe Anthonio EP has just been released, this remix stood out the most, it compliments the original, and made me re-love the song. Well done to whoever remixed it (Berlin Breakdown?).

Anthonio (Berlin Breakdown Remix) – Annie [Download]

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