Beyoncé Overload

beyonce6.jpgThere is no doubt that Beyoncé is THE best performer of our time, the only one who mastered the dance-and-sing combination perfectly. Anyways, this week I have been listening to a lot of her songs, whether solo or with DC. Here’s my Beyoncé playlist (for now):

Ring The Alarm
Her “fiercest” song, and the most anger-fueled one. It remains one of her best singles to date.

Why Don’t You Love Me
I have blogged about this song for oh-so-many times, and I still think more people should be aware of its amazingness. LISTEN TO IT.

Suga Mama
Damn, that was so good, I wanna buy him a short-set“, I’ve loved it when B’Day came out, and it still has its magic!

Hip Hop Star
Pure playas, pure playas“, I wish Beyoncé would release a quality album like her first one, but oh well.

Freakum Dress
This is a silly song, but it’s a silly song I love.

oh and add to that list “Nasty Girl“.

5 thoughts on “Beyoncé Overload

  1. B would be soo proud!! ;**

    i love the pic!!!!!

    Suga Mama is one of my fav songs of B!!

    Why Dont You Love Me should b her next single!!! 😦

    Hip Hop Star 7adha itwanis, o i love the naughty lyrics :p

    Nasty Girl 3ajeeeeba!!! Describes waayd ppl i know! ;p

    Freakum Dress keeps me going on forever bil gym, i wish they would play it will im doing spinning chan ma awagif!!!

    i love the intensity of Ring The Alarm , angry B is kinda fun too! :p

    I LOVE U B!! And i LOVE ur new vid !!! I know ur reading this!!! Goooo nocturpaad !!!

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